Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sharing is not always fun

DD#2 has  a cold that she is sharing.  My dear Mum-in-law always says "sharing is fun" but I disagree this time .............. She and I usually agree on things.  The DGD#3 is sneezing and sniffing.  I have started my inhalers and will take an antihistamine ASAP .  I am too busy too be sick.
Went to VGH yesterday for Bill's pre-visit.  They showed a video of what to expect and what preparations need to be made.  It was very informative and DH seems to feel better about the up coming surgery.

I am working on DGD#2's sweater,  she has been very pleasant to me lately so feel more inclined to knit for her,  besides she has a BD coming up.  Tried the partly knitted sock on DGD#3 who thought it was too small until I explained it wasn't finished .......... She then OKAYED the socks (Miss Bossypants)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Targets aren't supposed to move

Today Jill, DGD and I had a snowball fight in the front yard.  I think DGD won as Jill and I ran out of snowballs. DGD has a invisible rule book and of course there are rules about snowball fights.This is 1. snowballs have to be round ( this one got scrapped)
2. Targets have to be still.
3. Sometimes you are the target and sometimes your are not.

The shawl I am working on is causing a problem.  "Someone" made a mistake eight rows back.  I have tried to just redo that section but IT IS NOT WORKING.
Shelby's sweater is not progressing.
Dinosaurs are on hold until the above two items are finished.

I have to match up fabric to make a wedding quilt for DHs nephew and wife.
Have the blocks for Cory's quilt  sewn together, now to do the trees and leaves.
I need to do a baby quilt for a new Grand Niece.
There are  three other children I know who also need quilts.
I have cut out one and a half quilts to sew at the retreat this month but don't know how much sewing I will get done as DH goes into hospital for knee replacement that weekend.

The house is in chaos as I am trying to organize and downsize the dwelling of two packrats.  Needless to say this is a very slow, tedious process.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Little tiny pieces

I really do wonder about my sanity some days, not that it worries me but it does lead me to ask "why am I doing this"?

In the past week I have ironed the wax paper patterns to the fabric for the remaining 35 blocks I need to do for my Dear Jane quilt. The blocks are 41/2" unfinished and I am sewing them all by hand,  I have done 134 of the 169 blocks, 33 of the 52 triangles and all four corners.  To add to the crazy making I have kept track of the number of pieces.................... just I case this is an estimate of my sanity.  Can't tell you the total at this time as I haven't added them up lately.  The last count was 2810 but that was several blocks ago.

Have also pulled out another quilt project that has been aging and finished two of the feature blocks.  Need to do two more , about 24 setting blocks and a zillion appliqu├ęs flowers and dragon flies............... This isn't mentioning the other quilt that is waiting with some of the small diamonds done that I have hand pieced .................see what I mean about my sanity.  Mind you with my family maybe these are the things that keep me sane??????

On the knitting front not much is happening.  My epic shawl is on hold, I am starting the pattern on my non-epic shawl, every time I think I will work on Shelby's sweater she does something to really
p€_}{~%*#} me.................... I really should get busy on it as I have another non-epic shawl to do before October. My sweater is on hold, have done just past the armholes (bottom up).  Elizabeth's second dinosaur  is waiting to be started. Oh yes I have almost finished a pair of socks............

Oh oh I think I hear an imaginary rainbow pony horse race happening outside which means DD and her DD have arrived so will sign off for now.

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Last night I went with Lisa, Sherri, Tracey, Margaret and Jeanette to see the play "Wicked" at the Queen E theatre. What a great performance and the singing was wonderful. I had to quit clapping at the end as my hands hurt too much. This is the story of the Wicked Witch in the "wizard of Oz".
Margaret and Jeannette picked me up and we all met at Lisa's house for drinks and a lovely dinner.  Taxis to and from the theatre so no worries about drinking wine. All in all it was a wonderful night. Thank you my friends.

On the home front things are fairly quiet but probably now that I have said that they won't be,  Murphy hangs around here a lot.  Elizabeth wants me to go outside and race with her.  She has shown me how to run pretending I am on a horse.  Needless to say I am not galloping along the front sidewalk with her.

We saw Shelby twice last week which was very nice.  Oh oh must go I hear them coming.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Knitting and electricity

Well today I re knit Elizabeth's purple fuzzy scarf. She brought it over on Sunday all upset because it was "ruined". It looks like on if the strands broke and it was unravelling. Her Mom had told her Grandma can fix it so I took it apart and today I re knit it so hopefully she will be happy. After all I have only done this scarf THREE yes three times. The first time it was too short for her liking, the second time it wasn't wide enough but I didn't have to redo it. This time it is longer than the first and wider than the second............. we shall see if it meets with her approval. Apparently she was born with a rule book. No one has ever seen this RULE BOOK but very so often she says "You broke a rule". She won't tell you what you did wrong but you BROKE a RULE............. She won't even tell you what the rule is but you have to say you are sorry..........this child has a VERY VIVID IMAGINATION. One day she was playing with her imaginary horses, took a blue blanket and spread it on the floor, took off all her clothes and went swimming on the blue blanket. Apparently it was a very hot day on the prairie. Shelby is going to come by today and show me how to get the zillions of emails off my IPhone. Maybe we will go shopping after that ........... Depends on her mood. At 13 that mood changes in the blink of an eye. I have been working at THE ROOM as I really need to do some quilting. After months of knitting I am slowing down in that area for a while. Have to fix the border on my two colour shawl and then that will be finished. My only problem there is I didn't write down what needle I was using ......... Will just use a LARGE set to bind off. The electrician is back again today. We lost power in half the house yesterday and it's no ground or something so he is running a new wire to the breaker or something. Fortunately we don't pay for it, one of the advantages of renting. I am going to try David Suzukis get outdoors for so long every day in May. Will see how it goes. Anyone want to join me? Well it is time for more coffee.

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Well we just finished watching "Grand Turino" with Clint Eastwood. Anyone who has watched this movie and knows me knows why this is entitled "tears". My kids just shake their heads and Shelby looks at me and says "Gramma it's just a TV show. Meanwhile the tears are running down my face and sobs come from my area of the room. My children say they won't go to the movies with me because in the movie "Return to Snowy River" I leap up and yelled "THEY SHOT THE HORSE". Is it a wonder I do not watch scary movies............ I get so involved in the show. The only scary movie I ever watched was "The Shining". My siblings forced me to watch it. I spent most of the time with my hands over my face. It would be better if I could turn off the sound because then I wouldn't be able to hear "The Scary Music"......... You do realize that all bad parts of movies have SCARY MUSIC. If there is SCARY MUSIC I usually have to do something in the kitchen or THE ROOM .............. I come back when the SCARY MUSIC stops. You see I can listen to the SCARY MUSIC or watch the show but not both........ Oh well. Off to make some tea.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Half a block

That is what I managed to sew at quilting on Sunday. Five of us went out it Birgit's. She had booked the lodge for the day so we had lots of room. I just took hand sewing as I didn't want to haul the sewing machine and assorted other stuff. I worked on one of my DJ blocks and managed to sew 21 small pieces together by hand. I would have got more do e but we had to have show and tell, catch up on what has happened since October, have a look at everyone's projects and just generally visit. That sort of limited my sewing time. I have discovered that I am way more chatty than I think I am. Here I always thought of myself as quiet and shy......... Finished the throw I was making. It has Elizabeth's approval as her comment was "it's big enough for me."