Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Feeling better

I was feeling much better by my Birthday, Thank Goodness ........................ who wants to be ill on their Birthday.   Had Cake at knit night that Doris made .  Oh my gosh but it was good.  Doris also made me the most beautiful silk scarf with beads.  I will try to get a photo up soon.  Jill and the girls came over on my Birthday and made dinner so that was a lovely present,  DH gave me a gorgeous Amber necklace. I had Birthday wishes from my son and his wife as well as phones calls from all my siblings.  Still have a couple of Birthday celebrations to come.

Monday we all had dinner at Cory and Aaron's to celebrate her Birthday. Aaron bought her new gold earrings and a Chihuahua  puppy.  It is white and very cute.   They now have three dogs.

I am madly knitting things for Christmas. Who knows if I will be done in time.................... it would be novel ........................ I am usually late with things.

This week is the week to put up the Christmas tree and I am going to try and put some lights up outside.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Darn it

I am sick ..................... I have this cold flu thing and had to cancel quilting and a dinner party.  I have spent the best part of the last 2 days in bed sleeping.  The Mistress of Mayhem and Ms Chaos have been here.  Ms Chaos has been very quiet and well behaved lately but the Mistress of Mayhem has left the usual trail
I can't afford to be ill, as the place starts to look like a disaster.  I got DD to help me take out the garbage that was over running the house and I managed to do a few dishes before I played out.
My Christmas knitting and quilting is not progressing very well so people may get partially finished presents with notes that say return to sender if you would like this finished.
That is all for today ................ I need a nap.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Voldemort, Hairy and Squeekers the Wonder Pig

Thank goodness they have gone home. They arrived Saturday Morning as Jill's apartment building was being sprayed for fleas and they were supposed to go home that night ............................... NO THEY WERE STILL HERE SUNDAY AND MONDAY............................. I really don't like rodents and no matter what Shelby says Guinea Pigs are rodents.

Well I haven't done much around the house lately ................ not news.  I have been knitting for Christmas and no I am not going to show you photos until after December 25th. You can see the cowl I have finished for me

This pattern is called "the Willow Cowl" by Amelia Lyon. I used Regia sockyarn for this cowl and it took ALL of 2 balls.

I did get up at 6:45 and did some dishes, picked up from Captain Chaos's last visit and unplugged the vacuum ................... Not from the wall but removed the large plug of dog hair and dust that was blocking the hose .......... Why is it always in the most difficult place to clear out.   So I unscrew the handle from this swiffer thing I don't use and grab a fondue fork from the kitchen ............... pull the hose end out the the machine and stick the swiffer handle down the hose ................ yep it is blocked right where the hose joins the machine about 4 -6 inches above the dirt bag ............... keep trying to push the block out luck so this is where the fondue fork comes in. I get down on the floor, put the fork up the hose from the dirt bag connection and I get a wad of dog hair, dirt and a small rock .................. after repeating this procedure a dozen times the blockage is gone.  Now I have to get up off the floor.  Lets see............what hurts the least today .............. Hands are sore but knees and ankles aren't bad so I am up and off to find the broom that Jill never puts away.  I always put it by the back door so I know where it is but she puts it other places so I have to look for it.  Hopefully she hasn't put it some where SAFE. (I put the yarn I want for the pot scrubbers somewhere SAFE and now I can't find it.)
So I have found the broom and I sweep up a large dustpan full of dirt and dog hair.   The vacuum should work now but the coffee is ready for me and I for it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sept. parcel

I  received this in the bookmark swap in Sept. The Pot holders in the background are the best I have ever used. I need to fine the pattern for these and make some for gifts.

 This parcel arrived in the mail today.  Lots of treasures from Sally. I will probably have to fight Shelby off for the Pez.  The dispenser is a vampire bat...........
I love the little fabric halloween bag she made me as well as the very cute wee sock. Opening the parcel was great fun as everything was wrapped in bright orange tissue paper.

 The other side of the little sock has a witch button. Notice the cute little bat earrings!!!

These are socks I am knitting from yarn that was on sale at Micheal's .......... do you believe  $.79 a ball.
I picked up extras for the Knit Night Gals. There was also an orange/brown yarn on for the same price.


This is the Bandana Cowl by Purl Soho.  It is free on Ravelry at  ( I did try to put the link in properly but the %$*^%$ Computer is not cooperating with me today.)  It is an easy pattern and knits up quickly.

Jill and Elizabeth were here this morning for Breakfast.  We still have their dog as Shelby is coming after school to get the dog and hopefully her laundry.................... She and her Mother are having issues about several things and this is one of them.   Apparently if she doesn't take her laundry home and put it away by Friday I am to give it away or maybe Jill is going to give it away.  It is not like this child has any lack of clothes but I think these are her favorite clothes.

Parcel arrived today from my Wendy sister.  It contained the things Shelby left behind in Ft. St. John and a genealogy thing for me.

Well there you are TWO days in a row.  That is almost a record for me............... or will be if I post again tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Yes I know

I know that it has been 2 months since I wrote anything.  Yes I have been busy.  October was very busy with a weekend in Whistler with the ABBA gals, a spinning retreat in Cache Creek and a quilting retreat in Surrey.
Jill and the Baby come for Breakfast every morning and Shelby comes on the days she doesn't have school. Needless to say I don't get much done in the mornings.  I have had the flu for the last few days and
missed quilting with Jackie and Wednesday night Knitting at the pool hall.  I have been trying to knit an easy cowl and have frogged at least four times. My brain is not functioning well.   I am feeling better so will hopefully be back to NORMAL Soon.

 I have had two lovely parcels in the mail.  One from a bookmark swap and one from a wee sock swap.

I of course was late mailing my parcels, so being in a hurry I forgot to take photos.

That's it for now. I need to go have a nap. Details later.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Vacation photos

August 23, 2011

Jill, Shelby, Elizabeth and I went to Ft St John to celebrate my Wendy Sister's 60th Birthday and to visit with family.  We put approximately 2,500 kilometers on the car. It took 2 days to drive up and 2 days to return as we had to make frequent stops for the children, especially the baby. Jill helped with the driving so I did get a break from that so I could knit. I am knitting socks for Bill and Aaron for birthday presents

At the Hospital
My Niece Koren and her new baby Quinn (1 day old) in the hospital.
A day on the river. Jim took us out on the Peace River up as far as Site C where a new dam may be built. Saw Rene's old ranch house and the mesa where he held the branding parties. Went a little ways up the Pine river and then down the Peace to where we could see John and Janine's house.  Also passed under the railway bridge.  When we first moved to Ft St John we had to cross on the railway bridge as the car bridge was out.

The mighty Peace River

Shelby and Jill

Captain Jim

First Mate Janice and Grand Niece Elizabeth

Playing in the park for a little while.

At John and Janine's House
Main entrance - opens into the "Mud Room".

Fireplace in the living room

Living Room

Dining room off the living room

Kitchen- notice the copper ceiling.  This was taken from the dining room.

This is the office with the quilted wall hanging I made showing the front of the house.

Stairway to the Loft bedroom and bath
John ............. WITHOUT A HAT!!!!!!

Bama prints on the wall and a Hand stitched Hetterite quilt they had commissioned .

close up of the stitching
There is applique on this quilt. It is done in a light beigy/ecru colour.

Visiting this springs foal and their dames

Elizabeth riding the Stallion Rum Runner.  Shelby said he was too big to ride.

View of the river from the house

Jason and Navenda's house
Jasper Jade ( about 1month) lying on the quilt I made her.

Booker and Bailey-"Can we come in?"

Jason showing off Booker who weights 90 pounds.  Janice has seen it before.

Mom and Baby JJ

Wendy and Bob's house

A bad photo of the family at the party. I hope some one else got a better photo

Birthday cake if you didn't know that............ VBG

I stole the babies.
Shelby feeding Quinn

  I am sewing the last of the labels on the quilts. This photos is for Dotty.
4 of 5

I smile because you are my sister. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.
According to Wendy and Bob, Elizabeth is the loudest baby they ever met.

I made this quilt for Wendy so she could wrap her grandkids in it or let them play on it on the floor.   The backing is Shrek fabric so when the kids are bad I told her to have the ogre showing and not the lovely bright colours.

Quinn on the quilt I made for him.

Tristan on his "I Spy " quilt that I made for him.

Elizabeth and Tristan checking out the pictures on the quilt
Mike and Koren with the Wedding quilt I made for them. Yes Dotty there is a label.

Sunset on Charlie Lake from the deck.

Time to go home
Leaving Janice and Jim's house.

"On the road again"

Looking down the road


some of the damage in the Pine Pass

Fraser River

Arrived home about supper time on Wednesday, tired but happy.