Friday, 30 November 2012

no Whooping

Well the good news is that Cory doesn't have whooping cough just this terrible cold that is making the rounds. Bill's flu is getting better and he is happy that he has lost some weight.
I am madly knitting for Christmas................... nothing new ................... right.
We had to change our location for the Wednesday night knitters as the Pool hall has closed and is going to reopen as a restaurant.  Doris found us a new place to go "The Wired Monk" coffee shop in Surrey.
They reserved us a spot and waited on us rather than having us go to the counter like the rest of the customers. We were really treated like Royalty. Needless to say we are going to go back to the place.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Stranger things have happened but not many

well today I managed to put together three parcels and 4 cards.  Took them to the Post office and MAILED them.  They didn't sit on the table for a week or two ...................... they didn't travel in my purse for a month ................ they just went from being  put in envelops and mailed. I mean this all happened on the same day.
On other fronts I seem to have done a lot of baby sitting this week.  Cory has whooping cough and is off work for up to 2 months.  Bill has the flu and I am tired .................... I wonder why?????
Wednesday I received this lovely parcel in the mail.  The wee swap was that a spinner sent hand-spun yarn to their partner and received a wee hand-knit sock from said yarn in return. This is what my partner Wendy sent me.

OH OH I forgot to but the socks in one of the cards.  Will have to do that tomorrow.

Friday, 9 November 2012

A very busy visit

Now let me think.............. Friday ................. we went shopping,  met Marsha for lunch at the Legion. (They served the best clam chowder.)  Followed with more shopping.

 I bought myself a lovely cape thing in browns.   Surprise of surprises it looked good on me and after trying it on 3 times  I had to buy it.   Three times is sort of a magic number with me when it comes to buying things.  If I pick it up or try it on three times and don't buy it I am kicking myself afterwards ........ ( and that is a difficult thing to do).

My Wendy Sister french braided my hair for me which was very nice ........................ except for the actual braiding process which was a little uncomfortable because of the pulling.

Friday night we went to a party at Koren's which was fun but Janice, Wendy, Marsha and I were rather loud as we did a lot of laughing.  When we 4 left some one said there goes the fun people ...................
that's us......... the life of the party.

 I had forgotten how funny my Janice Sister is.   At the family reunion in the spring we had a dessert called "Sex in a Pan".  Janice's son, Dennis said " What is "Sex in a Pan"?  Janice replied " Very uncomfortable."   He blushed, shook his hea and said " OH
MOM" as he turned and left.

So where was I .................... Saturday  we were going to go sledding and there is frozen rain falling outside .................. I mean really ............RAIN.............. as if I don't get enough of that here at home.
Needless to say that put an end to the sledding  idea.  They even closed the Taylor Hill as it was pure ice.   So later in the day we went for a drive around Ft St John so I could see the new Hospital and some of the new housing developments.  The town is really booming,  the average age is 29 and the cost of housing is climbing.  There was one house we looked at that was $897,000,  rather unbelievable.
So now we are at Sunday.  Brother John came an picked me up to go to his house ( I posted photos of his place last year).  They made a lovely brunch .... pumpkin pancakes with special butter,  bacon, a special egg dish,  cream filled strawberries , coffee and mimosas.  Then we relaxed and digested all that wonderful meal. Later John and I, plus three miniature dachshunds went to feed the horses.   Then we went to Janice and Jim's for dinner.  Jim cooked a roast and everyone brought something for a delicious dinner. Wendy made rhubarb pie just for me ( and Mike)  mainly.   Had a lovely evening with all the family.
Monday was the day to go to Koren's to quilt.  Showed her how to use a design wall and other things to help with her quilting. Lunch was at Mr. Mikes for an early birthday celebration for me.  I ate dessert first.  The rest of them were going to have their's after the main meal but were all TOO FULL TO HAVE DESSERT.  I told them "Life is short...... eat dessert first."  Back to Koren's for more quilting and then to Wendy and Bob's for supper.  Nine am Tuesday Lorraine arrived and it was time to head home.  Went as far as Quesnel ........... rain and snow between Prince George and Quesnel.  Home by 5:00 on Wednesday.
I did take photos with my phone but can't seem to download them to my Mac.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The North

Well I arrived home Sunday exhausted from the quilting retreat .  Late nights, lots of laughter, some tears,  a fair amount of wine and some quilting.  It was a great weekend with friends.
Monday morning I got up early, finished packing, coffee with DD and DH them DD drove me to Lorraines  and we were off. 

Rain until almost Cache Creek, a little sun,  a lot of cloud and then freezing rain and snow.  Arrived safely in Prince George for the night.  Lorraine's 2 Grand-daughters met us for dinner and came back to the hotel to visit before going back to their own places.  Tuesday morning we awoke to 4 inches of snow.  Put our things in the car after Lorraine cleared the snow away.  Then we had a good breakfast and it was my turn to drive............... Lovely clear sunny day.  Stertches of the road were clear and dry even in the PIne Pass. Arrived at Wendy Sister's home by 1:30 and she was very surprised as she wasn't expecting us until Tuesday................I have very confused sisters but my Niece-in-law had gotten the day right. 
SO I saw my Grand Niece, age 1 and her Mother,  My Janice Sister came over and we phoned Brother John.  Then my Niece Koren and her 2 boys came over followed by her DH Mike.

Yesterday JJ , age 1 was here for the day, Janice came over in the morning for coffee,  Nephew Jason came for lunch, then Navender came to get the baby .  For supper we went to Koren and Mikes with the rest of the family.  Only 10 Trick or Treaters, Koren was so disappointed.

Today John came over for coffee,  when he left Wendy and I went grocery shopping.  Home for 15 minutes before Lorraine and her Mother, Elsie, arrived.  Elsie will be 95 years old on Friday.
We had a lovely visit,  I hadn't seen her for years so it was great. Wendy made a delicious dinner and we spent some time looking at patterns on the internet. Talked to DH on the phone.
That's it for today.