Tuesday, 3 September 2013

So many, many things to do.

Well I am off the crutches for a week now and rarely use my cane.  I am still waiting for the steri- strips to drop off.  I keep trimming the edges as they become loose. have to see the surgeon next week so will see what he has to say.My knee is great, sore if I over do    It but oh how far modern medicine has come.  I will have two little scars not the 6-8 inch or bigger scar that people used to have after this type of surgery.  Fibre optics have made an amazing change for surgery.

I have finally put one of my patterns into a semi-proper formate and one of my friends is test knitting it for me.   I think I have redone the pattern about 5 times and I think it is right now.  Poor Tammy has received at least four revisions.  I need to re-knit this pattern myself.  I tried it with some variegated yarn to see if the pattern would show up but that was a bust so now I am doing it in a Teal colour called Snow Cone, Sock- ease from Lion Brand yarn.

I now have ideas for other patterns to write up, some I have already done and others are still in my head. I do need to find a better program for charting.   I really want to do a stole but haven't yet got past the wanting to do one.  I really need to finish some of my WIPs before I start doing this.

I have to go as The girls are here and Elizabeth wants to play "The Cleaning Game".