Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs .....................

Elizabeth and I watched this movie two weeks ago and every day since.......................... Her Papa let her watch it 6 times on Saturday. I swear she knows it all by heart now..........

Today Cory took me for a spa day.  We had facials, hot wraps, 90 minute massages and pedicures.  We both came out of there totally relaxed and nothing hurt .......... It was marvellous and my skin feels fabulous.  What a lovely present.

Jill and the girls came over on Monday and made a Birthday dinner for me, plus I got new slippers, a stand for my IPad, chocolates, a Christmas craft kit, earphones and a box of wooden matches.......

Tomorrow is knit night and Gail is taking me for a Birthday dinner...................we are going to eat dessert first.  This always confuses the wait staff,  so much fun.

Yesterday both sisters and one brother phoned ............ I think I will phone my youngest brother so he can wish me Happy Birthday.  Lots of wishes on Facebook and my son phoned on Sunday.  It has been a very lovely Birthday this year.

Now I am going off to bed and hopefully will be able to finish my book.  Tomorrow is Library day as I didn't get there today..  Good Night All.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

30 kilometres

     Bill had his knee surgery done at Vancouver General Hospital November 20.  All went very well with the knee but the two to three night stay turned into 11 as other issues became a problem. Needless to say he survived  and I went to visit every day but one.  We both needed to see each other. Most days one of our DDs came with me as did a small child.  VGH is 30k from our house.  This takes no time you say ............................ In the city 30 k is 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours drive.   Then they moved him to UBC hospital  (about 10 k further) for the last three days of his hospital stay. He was much happier there as the food was way better and he got more Physio.
 He has been doing his exercises and walking with a walker so is progressing and the Physio is happy with the progress. ( not the one he married but the one he goes to for treatment.).  ............... Mind you the one he married is pleased with his progress too.

We are doing Christmas at our house this year as the steps at Cory and Aaron's are too much for Bill at this time and Jill's place is a little small for all of us. I need to get my "rear in gear" and clear out some things so we have room for the tree and people.  The small child has way too many toys here  and Bill and I have way too much stuff.   Why is it that I can take at least two boxes to the second hand store and not notice a difference.  I don't bring that much home each month maybe half a box at the most yet it doesn't look like any thing has gone out.

Yesterday I finished a request from Cory.  She needed pockets put on a pair of pants ..................a lot of pockets all different fabrics.  This was a gift to the BIG BOSS at work so today I should hear about what happened.  I do have photos but Google isn't cooperating and I can't get any photos on here from the IPad.............. You will just have to use your imagination.

In the knitting department I finished Lisa's shawl ( there is a photo I cant show you). I am working on the sleeves for Shelby's sweater so should have it done for Christmas.  There is another shawl I want to finish but don't think it will get done in time.  I have sewing to do for the kids but will not say what it is.  Not that I think any of them read this but just in case.

 In the quilting department things have been rather slow.  I have the trees pinned on C and A's quilt but now I have to think about how I want to do the leaves .................again I have a photo I can't show you because Google is being a pain.
The quilt for DHs nephew is still in the planning stage and I have a couple of quilts that need some hand sewing to finish them and several that need to be quilted.

THE ROOM ............. I have been working on it but there is still a fair amount to do before it is organized.  Several boxes of stuff have gone out but still the room is too full.   I keep asking myself "How long do you think you are going to live."  ...................... Not long enough to use everything in the room that's for sure.

HELP I NEED A PLAN ................. Or something.  .............LOL