Friday, 26 July 2013

I can't believe it

It has been three months since I wrote anything here.  I can't believe it has been so long.  I do t know where the time goes.  Tonight I am sitting here with the air conditioner and the TV On but most of the lights off.   It is too hot to knit plus I had Elizabeth here for 7 hours so I am rather weary. she is very good but very busy.
Had to take Charlie to the Vet as his skin condition wasn't clearing up, he was having vision problems and his ears were a mess.  Oh yes and the flea medicine wasn't working.  So $250 I find out the skin condition has become a different problem, the stuff I was using for his ears was making them worse and his eye problem was not enough tears.  The flea medication Jill got was only good for about 24 hours not the monthly type that we wanted.  They said it must have been one of the new girls.  They did give us a partial rebate on the flea medication we hadn't used.  Charlie is feeling much better, with pills , eye drops 4X daily, ear drops once a day. And I think the Vet should have prescribed a large glass of wine for the pet owner. I think I will go get one ............ No I won't ......... I still get the occasional hot flash from alcohol................ Darn
Well I have a date for my knee surgery ... August 23.  It will be nice to get that over and done with.
We have had lovely summer so far, a little warm for me but nice.  I am working on my EPIC shawl when no one is here to bother me and when I am not too tired.  It is very easy to make a mistake and very difficult to tink back.  I have been using life lines on this project.