Friday, 29 June 2007

Here we are all ready to Shop Hop. I am the one in the hat. It was a gift from the girls. Lisa and Jocelyn did our shirts. Margaret is on the left, then me, Tracey , Jocelyn and Lisa.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Shop hopping

Well I survived four days of shop hopping and had a great time. Lisa and Tracey picked Jocelyn and I up in Port Coquitlam and we went to Lynden. Margaret met us and 2 of us went to her house while Lisa and Tracey shopped for clothes.
We did three shops in Bellingham and two in Lynden that day. Friday we left about 8:00 to go to the fabric depot in Portland. WOW imagine a very large warehouse full of fabric and sewing supplies (plus Knitting supplies). Friday night we stayed in Olympia and Saturday in Bothell. We only did 18 shops this year as we wanted to relax a bit more than other years.
Lisa , Margaret , Tracey and I have a quilting challenge to be done with the 'Fat Quarter' fabric we found. Jocelyn refused to have another challenge to work on. Do you suppose this is because we haven't done all the ones from previous years, especially the "manly man" fabric one.
I wasn't going to buy any more fabric but had to have some of the Betty Boop fabric and then there was the kimono pattern I bought that needed fabric. I bought three quilting stencils and three fat quarters. Two of them were orphaned and only cost a $1.00 each. I couldn't leave these orphans on their own. I also found a fat quarter that looked like birch trees, so it was necessary to buy that in case I ever make another landscape scene. (I should finish the first one ... right)
Well I will probably add photos tomorrow of us in our matching blue shirts and me in my red hat. The girls gave me the hat as they thought I needed one being the eldest and age 60.