Monday, 29 December 2008

a lovely lazy day

Guess what Bill and I did today .............................. did you guess NOTHING. That's right Nothing and it was lovely. Tomorrow I have to do some shopping but today was just sitting , knitting and talking with DH. It was lovely.
I now need to make some plans to finish some of my UFOs that have been on hold because of Christmas preparations. This includes knitting , quilting and beading projects. I think I will make 1 New Year's resolution this coming year and that is to organize THE ROOM. I wonder what Lisa's plans are for the month of January????? She has a wonder gift for organizing things.

Well I should actually go to bed as it is after 11:00 and I do better with a decent nights sleep.

Friday, 26 December 2008

and still more snow

Here are todays snow photos. It is raining now and the snow is slipping off the awnings periodically. If it rains all night we may have some flooding as there is so much snow.

This is a poor photo of the branch that came off the Douglas Fir and took down the neighbours telephone and cable lines yesterday.

Shelby loved the bear I knit for her which made me feel really good. She took the bear to bed with her last night. She took off the bear's dress saying she couldn't sleep in her dress so I guess I am elected to make PJs or a nightgown for the bear.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

I AM GOING TO REGINA .......................yipee

For Christmas my darling husband gave me a round trip ticket to Regina so I can see our son. I am so excited this is the best present ever.
We had a lovely Christmas dinner after opening presents but everyone has gone home now and Bill and Shelby have gone to bed. It has been a blessed Christmas and we are so very fortunate.

More tomorrow tonight I just want to veg out.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Guess what we have more of..............

I'll bet you didn't guess it was snow ............................ my car is out there somewhere and it is still coming down. The snow is sticking to the trees and the power lines which is not a good sign as they tend to break under the weight. Hopefully no one will be without power for Christmas.

I am not posting photos of finished projects until after Christmas as some of the people involved read this blog( I think).

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

We have SNOW .............. boy do we ever

have Snow. It is lovely. The pictures are of our front yard. You can see Bill's truck but can you find my car?????????????
Yesterday I shoveled my car out and today we did Bill's. Then the truck wouldn't start. I guess the block heater isn't keeping the diesel warm enough. Anyway a friend came and helped him out.
The shopping is done ................. now to finish decorating and wrap the presents. I might even do a little more baking with Shelby. We will be five for dinner on Christmas day, I really miss our son but he is well and that is good.

Friday, 19 December 2008

will I ever be ready??

I guess whatever is done is enough. Christmas comes whether I am ready or not. Most of the gifts are done but I haven't got the tree up as I can't get it off the top shelf by myself. One DD is sick and the other is going through an emotional upheaval in her current relationship so they aren't any help. I have a plan to get it done tomorrow though. I know where all the decorations are so won't have to look for them.

I can't find my snow-boots ......................... I know they are here someplace and we have snow. I do know they are in this house somewhere........................... if I am lucky I will find them before the snow is all gone. Haven't been sledding yet this year. Usually we sled down one of the hills at my former work place. NEED to find my BOOTS.

I am also cold.I have been colder down here than I ever was up North. It is the dampness that does it. I am going to wrap myself in my shawl from Sheila so I will be nice and cozy. It is very much like getting a hug.

Haven't done any baking yet and I may not as we don't need it but I am planning to have friends over during the holidays. I may bake a few things, we will see. I love short bread cookies and butter tarts. DH loves mincemeat tarts. When he was young and asked about mince meat tarts his Dad used to tell him that he had to shoot the Mince first .

Cory and I have been making center pieces for gifts and for sale. I only needed two but she has sold several. She is trying to make some extra money to make up for the work she isn't getting. Hopefully she will find a new job soon.

Monday, 8 December 2008

It was wonderful

For my Birthday, Bill sent Margaret and I to see "Celtic Thunder" in Everett Washington. It was absolutely wonderful especially as Margaret had never heard them before. She took me to dinner before the show at "Anthony's". We had some really good seafood with a glass of wine and then off to the show. Back to Margaret's about 11:00 and she had to get up a 5:00, she got me up about 7:00 and I headed home about 8:00. I needed a nap because I haven't slept well the last 3 nights.
I am getting the DVD for Christmas and so is Shelby. She was not very happy that she couldn't come to the show.
My son phoned to wish me Happy Birthday as did my youngest brother. Inge came over and brought me a little gift .......... its a thimble with a dragon on it. Oh yes and I mustn't forget the gift from Margaret............. 3 Dragon plates.......... my collection grows...........HURRAH..............I do love DRAGONS.
I have finished the Shelby Christmas Bear and a hat for Brianne this week. Still working on socks and fingerless gloves. May try to do a few scarves as well.
Oh Shelby had the dog while I was gone and didn't really want to give her back.