Friday, 4 July 2014

Little tiny pieces

I really do wonder about my sanity some days, not that it worries me but it does lead me to ask "why am I doing this"?

In the past week I have ironed the wax paper patterns to the fabric for the remaining 35 blocks I need to do for my Dear Jane quilt. The blocks are 41/2" unfinished and I am sewing them all by hand,  I have done 134 of the 169 blocks, 33 of the 52 triangles and all four corners.  To add to the crazy making I have kept track of the number of pieces.................... just I case this is an estimate of my sanity.  Can't tell you the total at this time as I haven't added them up lately.  The last count was 2810 but that was several blocks ago.

Have also pulled out another quilt project that has been aging and finished two of the feature blocks.  Need to do two more , about 24 setting blocks and a zillion appliqu├ęs flowers and dragon flies............... This isn't mentioning the other quilt that is waiting with some of the small diamonds done that I have hand pieced .................see what I mean about my sanity.  Mind you with my family maybe these are the things that keep me sane??????

On the knitting front not much is happening.  My epic shawl is on hold, I am starting the pattern on my non-epic shawl, every time I think I will work on Shelby's sweater she does something to really
p€_}{~%*#} me.................... I really should get busy on it as I have another non-epic shawl to do before October. My sweater is on hold, have done just past the armholes (bottom up).  Elizabeth's second dinosaur  is waiting to be started. Oh yes I have almost finished a pair of socks............

Oh oh I think I hear an imaginary rainbow pony horse race happening outside which means DD and her DD have arrived so will sign off for now.