Saturday, 24 August 2013

It's over

The surgery went well, I have gauge and a tensor on my knee for four days.  Amusing crutches but can put weight on my leg. I was very well cared for at Jim Pattison Medicial Centre and would recommend it to anyone.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tomorrows the day

Well tomorrow they go in and remove the bit of torn cartilage in my knee. Boy has this procedure ever changed since I first started working as a Physio.  At that time this surgery involved a large incision ( about 8")  , massive bandages , crutches and lots of Physio.  Now they poke two little holes, put fibre optic scope in one and the instrument in the other.  I may require 1 stitch in each spot .after the surgery is over.  It is day surgery so I don't even have to stay there.

Last week was a sad week.  We were visiting Bill's Mom and she is slowly fading away.  It is so hard to watch. Then  Charlie who had not been good when we left got worse. Jill had to take him into the vet on Monday to have him put down.   I really miss him and have decided that as much as I love Cocker Spaniels my next dog will be small enough to bath in the sink instead of the tub. Not ready for another dog just yet but am thinking about a puppy.  I don't want to get an older dog again and then loose it in a few years.

My EPIC Shawl is coming a long slowly.  With 20 rows to the inch this is a long process.
Well I have to go make dinner so this is it for today.