Monday, 23 June 2008

I have returned

The shop hop weekend was great fun, good friends, good food, good wine and lovely fabric. We visited seven shops today and went out for Mexican food and Margaritas. Fabric was fondled and purchased by all.

Here is a photo of Margaret and I on Thursday night. She bought herself a new nightgown and couldn't resist the PJ bottoms for me.

On the Kingston Ferry , Friday morning. My ball of yarn was a mess so three of us fixed it. I have been introducing my friends to another fibre addiction. Lisa and myself are on the left. Tracey and Margaret on the right. You can't see Jocelyn as she is taking the picture.

Friday we visited 8 shops and ended up in Bothall in time for the wine tasting in the wine shop there.

This is Margaret and I at the hotel. We were tired as she is the driver and I am the navigator. The others napped in the back seat on Friday. Margaret and I decided it would not be a good idea for either of us to nap especially her................... as she isn't a very good driver when she is asleep. !!!!!

This is at Margaret's house on saturday after we unloaded everything from the van. Some of us spent a lot , and I mean a LOT of money. But boy did we have a good time. Neither Margaret nor I liked the fabric for the quilt this year so we gave it to the others. I may do the blocks in different fabrics.............. then again I may not do them at all............

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I am in trouble again for not writing more frequently

Sheila gave me heck this time. I just don't know where the time goes. I have been knitting on my Slow Bee Mystery shawl and am almost finished part 2, but there are 5 parts posted. I can't seem to resist the temptation to go into a second hand store if I am in the vicinity. I have purchased several sweaters to dismantle for their yarn. The best ones are in the mens sweaters but the women's sweaters have a better range of colour. Mind you I have picked up two wool ones in an off white so I can dye them any colour I want,
I need to work on the socks for DH as I was hoping to have them done for Fathers day. My adult surprise jacket is about 2 1/2 inches now and the afghan hasn't been touched. The power went out last night and didn't come on until 6:00 this morning so I worked on the adult surprise jacket by candle light.

I need to put the binding on Cory's quilt and finish the binding on Che's.
Mail more siggy blocks.
Sew the DJ blocks for Rosa.

Dh has made a deal on 10 wine kits so I took one into the U-brew today to get it started. We may be overrun with wine ....... any volunteers to help drink some?????????

This week I have been madly working on the house. Unpacked 11 boxes of dishes and table linens. We bought 2 tall square glass cabinets and I put a lot of the good dishes and glass wear in them. There is still one box somewhere as I am missing some cups. I moved some of DH's boxes into the closet where the dish boxes had been..................... looked all around THE ROOM at my stuff and promptly went back into the kitchen.

Lisa has offered to come and help me organize THE ROOM in exchange for knitting lessons. AHA my plan worked............. remember the Whistler trip where I taught them to knit ......................... I think a few of them may be hooked. Lets see ............ hummmm ..................... who else can I con....OOPS ...... I mean get to help?

We may have to get a cat.................... WE HAVE MICE............ very fast................ very smart mice. I have tried every trap they make and not one mouse had been caught. They will eat the bait I put out so I guess I will go back to that but I don't like using poison. I did plug in these things that make a noise we can't hear. It is supposed to drive them out but time will tell.
Oh yes , we also have raccoons under the house. I haven't seen them but the neighbours have so we are going to put a grate over the crawl space so they can't get in.

Today I planted herbs in the flower bed along the side of the house. I need to go get some bedding plants as I haven't managed to plant any thing in the garden yet except Shelby's pumpkin and 2 bean plants. Oh I Lied........... there are three lettuce plants the neighbour gave me,

One of the rose bushes in the front is producing humoungeous red roses on long stems. They are really fragrant. The other rose bush is just producing leaves so far. I need to take some photos.