Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Knitting and electricity

Well today I re knit Elizabeth's purple fuzzy scarf. She brought it over on Sunday all upset because it was "ruined". It looks like on if the strands broke and it was unravelling. Her Mom had told her Grandma can fix it so I took it apart and today I re knit it so hopefully she will be happy. After all I have only done this scarf THREE yes three times. The first time it was too short for her liking, the second time it wasn't wide enough but I didn't have to redo it. This time it is longer than the first and wider than the second............. we shall see if it meets with her approval. Apparently she was born with a rule book. No one has ever seen this RULE BOOK but very so often she says "You broke a rule". She won't tell you what you did wrong but you BROKE a RULE............. She won't even tell you what the rule is but you have to say you are sorry..........this child has a VERY VIVID IMAGINATION. One day she was playing with her imaginary horses, took a blue blanket and spread it on the floor, took off all her clothes and went swimming on the blue blanket. Apparently it was a very hot day on the prairie. Shelby is going to come by today and show me how to get the zillions of emails off my IPhone. Maybe we will go shopping after that ........... Depends on her mood. At 13 that mood changes in the blink of an eye. I have been working at THE ROOM as I really need to do some quilting. After months of knitting I am slowing down in that area for a while. Have to fix the border on my two colour shawl and then that will be finished. My only problem there is I didn't write down what needle I was using ......... Will just use a LARGE set to bind off. The electrician is back again today. We lost power in half the house yesterday and it's no ground or something so he is running a new wire to the breaker or something. Fortunately we don't pay for it, one of the advantages of renting. I am going to try David Suzukis get outdoors for so long every day in May. Will see how it goes. Anyone want to join me? Well it is time for more coffee.