Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Life is good

This is the sample shawl I am knitting for Knitopia. It is "Queen of the Earth Stole" by Anne Corcoran

This is the gift I received in the Wee Sock Swap on Ravelry.

Well my car isn't fixed yet because Morris had to go to work but he said he will fix it tomorrow. Meanwhile I am getting more limber everyday.

Sunday, 29 March 2009


I never thought I would be happy to say my nose was running but it means my sinuses are draining. I had most of the day without a headache. I missed quilting yesterday ................................ forgot about it completely. I was so miserable the only thing I did was go for a few groceries. Now that was a challenge ........... .................. my car doors are being difficult AGAIN. I forgot to tell Jill NOT to lock the doors with the button but to use the key so now getting into the car is a challenge.

The key will not open the drivers door so okay I will get in the passenger side right ..........................WRONG........ I put the key in the passenger door it won't even turn. Okay go to the driver's side and try to open it, put the key in and it unlocks all the doors but the DRIVER'S DOOR ....................... go around to the passenger side and get in ................... climb over the stick shift and get behind the wheel. I drive to the store, lock all the doors ..................... I know , I know, I still have to get out of the car but you can only lock all the doors from the driver's door so I ........................... climb over the stick shift, unlock the passenger door, get out, lock the passenger door and close it. So I finish the shopping and put the bags in the back door ( I drive a subaru wagon - still white). Here we go again, unlock doors from the drivers side, go to passenger side , unlock passenger door, open passenger door, get out, lock passenger door, close door, groceries out of back and into the house. I am exhausted. Bill makes us dinner.

Tuesday morning Morris is going to fix the locks for me again. This is a pain in the butt ................. especially if I am not careful climbing over the stick shift.

The fingerless gloves were for my Janice sister but I couldn't say anything as she reads this blog. Today she and her DH were here and I gave them to her. She was very pleased.

The dog got a thorn in her paw today and as you may or may not know she doesn't like to be picked up but she wouldn't let me look at her paw. I finally managed to pick her up and Jim got hold of her foot and was able to pull out the thorn ............. ..................... what a production ................... the neighbour though we were killing her. She is fine now in fact she was fine when I put her down........ silly animal. She just get so scared when you touch her feet.

Well my Mermaid socks have become Mermaid gloves with no fingers. Did I already write that ???? Oh well I think it is time to go to bed its 11:00 pm and I am tired.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tea, tears and ginger snaps

Well today I did what I did yesterday ........................ nothing ....................... I did see the Dr. yesterday and I have a sinus infection. The Dr. gave me some drugs and hopefully I will be feeling better soon.

Tonight I watched a movie called "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". It is about four teenage girls and their friendship. It was a bit of a teary movie for me but then I cry every time I see "Old Yeller". Any movie that is really happy or sad or emotional makes me cry. I was hoping that the tears would help drain my sinuses but no such luck so I went and made myself some Chai tea with milk and sugar in it. ................................... the ginger snaps were calling from the cookie jar so I had some of them with my tea.

These two days haven't been a total loss as I did do some knitting but not much else.
I finished a wee sock and the "fetching fingerless gloves". I am not doing any lace as I am not concentrating very well. I have a couple more UFO's that I can maybe finish off which would be nice. I want to work on a couple of my lace projects but I need to finish the store sample and the testing pattern.

This little bear needs a face and then he will go to the Boomer Project.

This is a small purse to hold business cards. I used ONE of my buttons ......... now only need to find a use for the other 999,999 that I have.

I am also going to mend a couple pairs of socks that I made many years ago and still love.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Making a mess

at Iris's house. Yesterday was our Multi-media day and Iris's turn to host the event. I was late as I couldn't seem to get my rear in gear. I finally found everything I needed to take after climbing over boxes, shelves and stuff on the porch. That was the only way to get to the silk batting from the old quilt I found at VV Boutique.

Now usually if I am not sure where I am going I look at my map book and figure it out........................ not this time as I am running very late. I figure I will check it out when I come to a red light.................... MURPHY WAS IN MY CAR ........................
I didn't get any red lights or if I did they turned green as soon as I got stopped. Why is it if you want the light to be red it never is . Maybe next time I am in a rush I will plan to do something at the red light and that way do you suppose they will all be green?

Anyway I was in the general vicinity of Iris's house but on the wrong side of the King George Highway .............. phone Iris;"I am lost" So she sorts me out, I get on the right side of King George (according to Cory , Bill knows Prince George but that is another story) and am following the directions Iris gives me over the phone and I am lost AGAIN................... but this time I am closer to her house. Apparently I turned left instead of right. I am sure I followed Iris's directions but she knows where she lives so maybe I didn't hear right or was having a left/right moment and should have turned to my other right. I finally get on 112th ave and this mad woman comes running out of her house jumping up and down, waving like mad. AHA I have found IRIS.

I have arrived in time for LUNCH and they have already done some silk fusion (Iris and Celeste). After lunch I open all the containers that I have brought :- the box with all the silk blouses I have saved over the years because I can't bear to throw out silk; the container with the silk batting that leaves little balls of silk everywhere when we take it out. These silk balls thrill Iris as she already has a plan for these things that I have been throwing out for years.

So we make fabric paper, Celeste does another piece of silk fusion and makes a bowl using the fabric paper technique. I make more fabric paper and we dye silk batting. I don't know how the dying has worked out as it is sitting in baggies by the heater.
Apparently it has to sit over night or is it 24 hours to set the dyes.

Celeste leaves about 5:00 but I stay til just after 6:00. Iris is going to teach a class at the next Fibers West so we talk about what she could have the students make and what techniques would be used, what supplies would be needed, and how long things would take? We developed a PLAN. Now I need to take the things I have made and turn them into something useful or at least pretty as apparently I am helping Iris with this course she is going to teach................ How did that happen as I NEVER VOLUNTEER for anything ............ yeah right. My mouth just doesn't know when to stay SHUT.

This is fabric paper made from wool, silk, yarn, silk leaves and silk fabric scraps. It needs to be stitched to hold everything together , then I think it will become a book cover or background for something.

This is the front of a silk top with unspun silk, silk scraps, silk flowers and leaves made into fabric paper. This also needs to be stiched and embellished.

This is a special paper with a very thin layer of white silk roving on it. I added a little green and pink silk for a little colour. I am going to iron this and then use it for pages in a soft cover book. At least that was the plan when I made it yesterday.

HUMMMMMM I seem to be making lots of plans these days. Now to carry them out.

I am still working on the ROOM and the PLAN is still working, just slowly. My Janice Sister and Husband are coming next weekend so I need to find the dining room. Oh great I have 3 vacant chairs in the living room............................ that means I only have to clear off 1 chair and the couch instead of the usual 2 chairs and a couch. HURRAY.

Back to Iris's ..... I help clean up the mess except for the little silk balls all over the house and head for home. I arrive home just before Bill so we have "Man Come" for dinner. (This is Bill's way of making dinner now. He phones and a man brings it to the door.)

Well that's it for now. I need more coffee and some drugs. I finally figured out that the headaches are from a sinus infection.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday I think

Yesterday I volunteered at "Fibers West", it was a great day and I was going to go again today but ended up with a darn head ache.................... I rarely get headaches but have had 2 in the past week. That's enough for this year as I have too many things to do to put up with headaches.... Anyway back to "Fibers West" I visited with several people I haven't seen in ages. It was nice to see so many people I knew at the event. I was very restrained and only purchased 2 balls of cotton yarn and 1 skein of Noro sock yarn in "in your face" colours.

The Small Child has gone to see her Dad and other Grandparents so we only have her shirt to remind us of her.................

My Sister Janice e-mailed to say they are going to be here next weekend and would we like a visit from them on Sunday so I am excited to see them.

Oh yes I did finish 2 projects, both for the Boomer Project.

Monday, 16 March 2009


Today is a better day. I HAVE A PLAN .................... yes believe it or not I have a plan for working on THE ROOM today and it doesn't involve shoveling. ..................... I will let you know if it works. Not only do I have a plan I have a LIST...

I have also decided that there is no reason to keep quilt patterns that involve multiples of the same blocks as I get bored making the same block over and over and over again. That should help cut down the binders ............................. I really need to get ruthless with some of the stuff I keep.
I also have a few books ................... sit down so you are ready for this .............. I am going to give up ..................... yes you read that right I am giving up 4 maybe 5 books. This is a major decision for me as I love books, I mean really love them. One of the things that will help me relax is sitting in a room surrounded by books.

I have made a small doll for the Boomer Project just need to stuff it and I have a Teddy bear started. Both shawls I have committed to make are progressing nicely. Hopefully they will both be finished this month. I also started a pair of Mermaid socks for me.

Well I guess I should go and put my plan into action.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Still frustrated

I still can't figure out why my photo won't load to my profile and I still can't see my followers. When I click on followers it tells me what it is..................... stupid blog...... can't possibly be operator error.......$^&%&^*(*)&((*)

I have been in the ROOM again and am trying to delete some of the binders I have but it doesn't seem to be working very well. I take stuff out that I figure I will never use and them I put new stuff in. The floor is a mess again but I have emptied 3 boxes today............................................. BUT there is a problem. My tapestry loom is on my sewing machine table in front of the shelving unit where the binders and magazines are going to go. The only place I can think of to put the tapestry loom is also the only place I have found for the drum-carders. I can't move the sewing machine table away from the shelves even with the tapestry loom on it because I have the floor covered in binders and magazines that need to go on the shelf.

SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have been moving binders and papers into the dining room I walk past the table in the ROOM and think if I cleared this off I could sort in here instead of making a mess in the dining room but I don't know where to put the stuff that is on the table. On the positive side I have cleared out 3/4 of the stuff that was under the table.

I decide to give myself a break from the frustration of trying to figure out how to organize TOO MUCH STUFF and work on my blog ........................................ this has really lowered my frustration level ................................... right.

At least DH no longer has a tooth ache as he no longer has a tooth there and the play house arrived for the DGD so she is happy. As for the dog she seems to be back to her usual neurotic self.

If Cocker Spaniels are my favorite breed of dog WHY OH WHY do I have a Jack russell/Chihuahua cross?????????

I would go outside for a walk but the snow we had is now turning to rain and rain makes me cranky.......... actually today everything seems to be making me cranky. I think I will go make a bowl of popcorn, pour a glass of wine, get my book and take them into the bathroom and soak my body in a nice warm tub. That always makes me fell so much better.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Not awake but

there is a contest at http://colorfulartgirl.blogspot.com/
Go check it out and maybe you will win something, you never know.

The large mouse is gone but has left evidence of her visit.

Last night I was running away from home. DH had an abscessed tooth so has been a bear for the last 5 days, DGD has been out of sorts because DH hasn't got her play house here yet and the dog is sulking because I went out with out her and DGD is getting more attention than she is. Do you wonder that I want to run away. DH said go early to knitting and have some dinner out first. After A&W dinner with Gail and knitting in the pool hall with the girls I was much better and decided to go home again. The trouble with running away from home is that there really isn't any place else I want to be for long. I think I need a weekend retreat. It beats the heck out of making stitch markers.
This is a great activity for instant gratification as they don't take a long time to make and you have something pretty to show for your work .................................. there is only one problem ............................. YOU ONLY NEED SO MANY STITCH MARKERS ................... once you have enough and all your friends have enough you really should stop making them ...but.................................................... This is my dining room table where I make the stitch markers.

Then I found these really neat beads. They are lemons, plums,bananas, grapes, beans,peas, and carrots.

Well it is 9:52 , i am still in my PJ's, I haven't had breakfast and only had ONE cup of coffee. I NEED MORE COFFEE. No one responds so I guess I will have to go make it myself. DH is at work.

I was so proud of myself because I was sure I had all my yarn on that one section of shelving in the ROOM except for the yarn in the living room, one 3 drawer plastic unit and 5 baskets plus the cedar chest full of hand spun. Laying in bed last night I REMEMBERED ...................... there is ANOTHER container of yarn in THE ROOM plus there are 4 sweaters (or is it 5) in the living room waiting to be unraveled ................................... darn, darn, darn. I thought I could start organizing the quilting.

I knew I shouldn't have checked.

I have done the bead stash and the button stash (sort of - I might need another 60 drawer parts chest) ................ they are just little plastic drawers. Actually I can probably manage with one of the smaller ones I have. I want to mount the 60 drawer one on the wall in THE ROOM

It is now 10:54. I am dressed, have had my breakfast and am on my second cup of coffee..................... I am almost human or as close as I get. Now to plan my day, dishes -hum the dishwasher isn't full so won't turn it on, vacuum -did that yesterday, laundry - maybe we aren't desperate for something to wear. I should put away the stitch marker making stuff and clear the chairs so people can sit on them. At the moment the only place to sit is my chair (where I am ) and DH's chair (where he isn't)
Not that there is anyone here who needs a chair but it would be good to have one or two free in case someone does come. I have made my bed but I could put away the books by the bed. At least I could if I had someplace to put them. I think I need another book shelf, but don't tell Lisa. Well I think I will just go do what strikes my fancy.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

There is a large mouse in the house.

There is a mouse in the house named "Despareau" (AKA-Shelby). Today the children in her class were to dress as a character from their favorite book so last night Jill and I were busy making mouse ears and a tail. She wore grey clothes and we painted her nose pink and drew whiskers on her cheeks. She was a very cute mouse............................. but rather squeaky.

I am frustrated with this blog. My followers aren't showing and I tried to change my photo and it won't let me load a new one.
Help doesn't HELP....... I think I will go back to making stitch markers.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

We were in the ROOM and returned.

Well my youngest DD was over yesterday and we did some work on my room. There really is more floor in there ........... who would have thunk it. I have a zillion buttons which is more than I thought. I found directions for BUTTON COASTERS, maybe I should do some. Each one takes 19 buttons, not that that will be noticeable. Oh well they are fun to look at and fun to sort if you only do a little at a time.

I need to unravel some of the sweaters I bought for re-cycling as the yarn seems to take up less space or so I think.................. could this be wishful thinking?????

Shelby has been here most of the weekend so we have had our DGD fix as far as she is concerned. Now to see the older DGD.
Must phone her Mother tomorrow. Meant to phone DS today but by the time things settled down it was 10:00 or 11:00 in Regina.

I am working on a Mario shawl today ......... I have so many thing to do I am trying to set certain days for certain projects. I am also trying very hard not to start anything new until I have a few things finished.

The dining room table is still covered with stitch making materials but I may put them away tomorrow. We will see what happens tomorrow.

Friday, 6 March 2009

A Great Aunt

I am going to be a Great Aunt, not that I haven't always been a great aunt but now I will offically have the title. My Wendy sister's daughter Koren and DH Mike are expecting in November. Wendy is very, very, very happy to become a Grandmother.

Wednesday night at the pool hall Glady's and I did a swap- she wanted some stitch markers for some friends so offered to trade her rainbow cowl for stitch markers. We both went away happy.

Thursday night I went to Knitopia for the evening .............. it was a very quiet night but fun. I am to the half-way point on the Queen of the Earth stole and it is looking very nice, even if I do say so myself.

Today was a rather quiet day which was nice.I didn't get a lot done but that is okay.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Laundering money

I never empty Bill's pockets. I figure if I can wash, dry and fold his clothes, he can empty the pockets and put them away. So the other day when I was taking the wet clothes out of the washer I found MONEY............................. folding money ............... a fair amount of it. Usually money found in the washer is mine but this day I handed him his money and said" I laundered this for you, ironing is extra."

Today I went to Jackie's to quilt. I finally arrived there at 11:30. (I just couldn't get moving this morning). We looked at the quilt she was doing on her long arm machine, checked out some patterns and talked about what we were going to do today. Then we picked out fabric for a quilt we found in one of her magazines. Next we picked fabric for this memorial wall hanging she wants to do, followed by looking at the fabric for my quilt. By this time we were hungry so we had lunch with a glass of red wine and looked at photos from our various quilting retreats. Then we sorted through two of her closets, had some more wine and had a short visit with Janet who came to drop off her quilt top for Jackie to quilt. By now it is 4:30, she hasn't sewn or cut any of her quilt blocks and I haven't sewn my Dear Jane block so we get to work on the day''s projects. Jill phones, Cory phones, Bill phones, John comes home, it is now 5:30 and time to leave. It was a great day even if we didn't get anything done on our planned projects.

On the knitting front the 2 shawls are progressing, my car knitting socks are getting a little longer, I have made a ton of stitch markers. I really need to find a market for these or quit making them ..........................aaaaaawwwwwwwweeee .......... but they are so much fun to make. HUMMMMMMM ........... who else do I know that can use stitch markers?