Tuesday, 10 March 2009

There is a large mouse in the house.

There is a mouse in the house named "Despareau" (AKA-Shelby). Today the children in her class were to dress as a character from their favorite book so last night Jill and I were busy making mouse ears and a tail. She wore grey clothes and we painted her nose pink and drew whiskers on her cheeks. She was a very cute mouse............................. but rather squeaky.

I am frustrated with this blog. My followers aren't showing and I tried to change my photo and it won't let me load a new one.
Help doesn't HELP....... I think I will go back to making stitch markers.

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  1. I can see your followers just fine :) Except, of course, for those that may not have a profile picture. I cheated and used a quilt for mine. LOL