Monday, 23 March 2009

Making a mess

at Iris's house. Yesterday was our Multi-media day and Iris's turn to host the event. I was late as I couldn't seem to get my rear in gear. I finally found everything I needed to take after climbing over boxes, shelves and stuff on the porch. That was the only way to get to the silk batting from the old quilt I found at VV Boutique.

Now usually if I am not sure where I am going I look at my map book and figure it out........................ not this time as I am running very late. I figure I will check it out when I come to a red light.................... MURPHY WAS IN MY CAR ........................
I didn't get any red lights or if I did they turned green as soon as I got stopped. Why is it if you want the light to be red it never is . Maybe next time I am in a rush I will plan to do something at the red light and that way do you suppose they will all be green?

Anyway I was in the general vicinity of Iris's house but on the wrong side of the King George Highway .............. phone Iris;"I am lost" So she sorts me out, I get on the right side of King George (according to Cory , Bill knows Prince George but that is another story) and am following the directions Iris gives me over the phone and I am lost AGAIN................... but this time I am closer to her house. Apparently I turned left instead of right. I am sure I followed Iris's directions but she knows where she lives so maybe I didn't hear right or was having a left/right moment and should have turned to my other right. I finally get on 112th ave and this mad woman comes running out of her house jumping up and down, waving like mad. AHA I have found IRIS.

I have arrived in time for LUNCH and they have already done some silk fusion (Iris and Celeste). After lunch I open all the containers that I have brought :- the box with all the silk blouses I have saved over the years because I can't bear to throw out silk; the container with the silk batting that leaves little balls of silk everywhere when we take it out. These silk balls thrill Iris as she already has a plan for these things that I have been throwing out for years.

So we make fabric paper, Celeste does another piece of silk fusion and makes a bowl using the fabric paper technique. I make more fabric paper and we dye silk batting. I don't know how the dying has worked out as it is sitting in baggies by the heater.
Apparently it has to sit over night or is it 24 hours to set the dyes.

Celeste leaves about 5:00 but I stay til just after 6:00. Iris is going to teach a class at the next Fibers West so we talk about what she could have the students make and what techniques would be used, what supplies would be needed, and how long things would take? We developed a PLAN. Now I need to take the things I have made and turn them into something useful or at least pretty as apparently I am helping Iris with this course she is going to teach................ How did that happen as I NEVER VOLUNTEER for anything ............ yeah right. My mouth just doesn't know when to stay SHUT.

This is fabric paper made from wool, silk, yarn, silk leaves and silk fabric scraps. It needs to be stitched to hold everything together , then I think it will become a book cover or background for something.

This is the front of a silk top with unspun silk, silk scraps, silk flowers and leaves made into fabric paper. This also needs to be stiched and embellished.

This is a special paper with a very thin layer of white silk roving on it. I added a little green and pink silk for a little colour. I am going to iron this and then use it for pages in a soft cover book. At least that was the plan when I made it yesterday.

HUMMMMMM I seem to be making lots of plans these days. Now to carry them out.

I am still working on the ROOM and the PLAN is still working, just slowly. My Janice Sister and Husband are coming next weekend so I need to find the dining room. Oh great I have 3 vacant chairs in the living room............................ that means I only have to clear off 1 chair and the couch instead of the usual 2 chairs and a couch. HURRAY.

Back to Iris's ..... I help clean up the mess except for the little silk balls all over the house and head for home. I arrive home just before Bill so we have "Man Come" for dinner. (This is Bill's way of making dinner now. He phones and a man brings it to the door.)

Well that's it for now. I need more coffee and some drugs. I finally figured out that the headaches are from a sinus infection.


  1. Ooooo - that fabric paper looks like fun. Can you bring one on Wed so that I can see it in person?

  2. The papers look great. Take a look at the guild site and my blog I have posted up more pictures.
    by the way I don't think that we added the soda ash to the dyeing???