Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Laundering money

I never empty Bill's pockets. I figure if I can wash, dry and fold his clothes, he can empty the pockets and put them away. So the other day when I was taking the wet clothes out of the washer I found MONEY............................. folding money ............... a fair amount of it. Usually money found in the washer is mine but this day I handed him his money and said" I laundered this for you, ironing is extra."

Today I went to Jackie's to quilt. I finally arrived there at 11:30. (I just couldn't get moving this morning). We looked at the quilt she was doing on her long arm machine, checked out some patterns and talked about what we were going to do today. Then we picked out fabric for a quilt we found in one of her magazines. Next we picked fabric for this memorial wall hanging she wants to do, followed by looking at the fabric for my quilt. By this time we were hungry so we had lunch with a glass of red wine and looked at photos from our various quilting retreats. Then we sorted through two of her closets, had some more wine and had a short visit with Janet who came to drop off her quilt top for Jackie to quilt. By now it is 4:30, she hasn't sewn or cut any of her quilt blocks and I haven't sewn my Dear Jane block so we get to work on the day''s projects. Jill phones, Cory phones, Bill phones, John comes home, it is now 5:30 and time to leave. It was a great day even if we didn't get anything done on our planned projects.

On the knitting front the 2 shawls are progressing, my car knitting socks are getting a little longer, I have made a ton of stitch markers. I really need to find a market for these or quit making them ..........................aaaaaawwwwwwwweeee .......... but they are so much fun to make. HUMMMMMMM ........... who else do I know that can use stitch markers?

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  1. you silly girl, washer money belongs to the washer... a friends hubby never takes money out of his pants... she collects it and uses it to go to retreats... i have just learned to use stitch markers... bring me some, are you coming to the spring retreat, if not... the fall one.... hugs..