Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sock yarn

The Opal yarn I won arrived in the mail today. It was packaged in vacuum sealed bags and each one was only about 1/2 inch thick. The red and blue is going to be mittens (I think), the blue is for socks for DH and the tiger one is for me.

This is my swatch for "Secret of the Stole III" which I haven't started yet as I am still madly knitting SB 1.

These are the latest siggy blocks I have received. I need to make some to send in return. My quilting has taken a back seat to my knitting lately but I need to get some quilting done in the next two weeks.

Monday, 18 August 2008

HELP the heat is going to do me in

I really don't like to complain about the weather but this heat just wears me out. I have had to take my asthma inhalers as I am finding it hard to breath. We get the odd bit of rain but all it does is add more humidity to the air. I still have to water the garden. One thing that is nice is the grass doesn't grow very fast so I don't have to mow as often.
I am on the last row of clue 7 for my Slow Bee 1 only 64 rows to go. At this time there are 650 sts to a row so the rows take a while to do.
My Anniversary shawl has been on hold until SB1 is finished. I have also done a very foolish thing. As if I do not already have a gizillion shawl patterns I joined a group where they test knit shawl patterns. To make it worse Leo has designed a Benden shawl and this is only the first one based on Ann McCaffery's books. I LOVE HER BOOKS. Now I will have to knit all these shawls as well.
I haven't done much quilting but have plans to do some this week as I have a baby quilt to finish, one baby quilt pattern to test and siggy blocks to finish for the end of the month.
Shelby was here last night, not so much to see us but to play with her friend next door. She has requested a scarf and hat for her penguin and would like me to make her a monkey puppet and a teddy bear . So far I have done a penguin scarf out of left over sock yarn and am working on the hat. I am almost to the point where I can frog DH's mouse chewed socks back to the hole.
Oh yes Shelby also asked me why the crocheted monkey I made for her mother has lost its hands and feet. Like I should know. It lives at her house and she doesn't clean up after herself so I suggested that this might be the problem. Well that suggestion went over like a lead balloon.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I think I am loosing it............

I was to bottle wine at 10:45 on Monday so today I haul bottles out of the shed, wash them, load them in the car, drop Shelby off at home and head for the wine shop. I am 4 blocks away when it occurs to me that today may not be Monday. Phone DH and say "Is today Tuesday?" It is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I phone the wine shop and apologize profusely. They give me 4:00 today so I will be off this afternoon to really bottle wine. Hopefully I will remember.
Why am I so scattered ................... I have been busy, haven't even written here. The first weekend in August we had an ABBA dinner at Sherri and Larry's on Saturday, friends for dinner on Sunday. Family dinner on Tuesday, Wednesday night Knitting, This past Saturday I got up at 5:00 to catch the bus to the Quilt show in Seattle, then to dinner afterwards............. we laughed so hard my sides ached. It is amazing they didn't throw us out as we were very noisy. The table next to us wanted what we were drinking as they said we were having so much more fun then they were. I have put pictures in my webshots album from the quilt show. That is the photos I took before the batteries died. I really must remember to charge my batteries .........................In more ways than one.....LOL.
Sunday was an ABBA "Lunchy-dunchy" thing as one couple couldn't come the week before. In between this I am madly knitting away at my Slow Bee 1, cleaning house, doing laundry, and sorting in my craft room ...................... yes you read that correctly. I have been working out there. Lisa is going to organize some of the gals to come over and take everything out of the room, sort it and put it back in an orderly fashion. I also did the swatch for the next KAL I am in.
My niece is getting married in March but I probably won't be at the wedding as it is going to be someplace hot. I am hoping to make here a cotton shawl for the wedding but it will be a surprise just incase I don't get it done. My sister is very happy especially as they are planning to start a family right away and make her a Grandmother.