Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Sharon is nagging me again

She says I need to up-date my blog so here I am. I didn't get to Wednesday night knitting last week as I was in emergency with oldest DD Cory. She had been carrying one of her day care kids, stepped off the sidewalk into a storm grate and twisted her right ankle badly. We thought for sure it was broken but it was very badly sprained. The Dr. said it is going to take 6-8 weeks to heal. Anyway we spent 4 1/2 hours in emergency waiting to find out the verdict. Fortunately we still had the crutches from the last time she hurt her ankle. We bought her an ankle brace which is allowing her to walk on that foot as she still has to work. .......................... children they move out but they never go away.............. LOL.. not that I want them to go away.
That same night DGD Shelby's half sister Justine (same father) had a baby girl by C-section. Mother and baby Avery Marie are both fine. The baby was 6 lbs, 11 ozs. with dark hair. We apparently are being called Great Grand Parents which is an honour.

Her she is Avery Marie.

Here are the proud parents with baby and one very pleased Aunt. Shelby asked her Mother to take her lap top to school so she could tell everyone she was an Aunt. This was her sharing day.

This is Shelby holding the baby's foot with Justine's hand under Shelby's . I thought the sizes were sweet.

Here I am with the three half sisters and the new baby. There are two very proud Aunt's in this photo.

I need to get busy and put her quilt together. I have the blocks done but not put together so I need to get my rear in gear. DH wants to wait and see what they don't get that they need.............. did that make sense. I have only had 1/2 a cup of coffee and it is 7:15 so I may not be awake yet. I know one thing ..............I can't type worth a darn.

I have made a tour of the second hand stores looking for various items.
!. a hutch for the sideboard or a small china cabinet.......... no luck
2. Knitting bags- found three
3. Sweaters for the yarn - found three but one isn't very good as the yarn keep breaking. I just love the colour though.
4. Heads and zippered pillow cases for Lynn- found one head

Michael's had a sale coupon for 25% off your entire purchase including sale items so of course I had to go. Came home with more beads. I did get beads for a shawl I am doing on the Slow-Bee-mystery so that was good. Also got some findings for more stitch markers ......................... not that I think my knitting group needs any more but they are fun to make and I seem to use a lot of them with the lace knitting.

DH went back to work on Monday so he is happier. He forgot to take one of his medications this past week so has been very sore and rather grumpy.
I talked to my DS on Sunday and he is well but working 12 hour days, 7 days so I won't go out to see him until this job is finished. I think he said it would be done the end of May. He is pleased as he is able to catch up the bills, etc.

Jamie (DD, Jill's boyfriend) was playing a video game and not doing well. When Shelby heard him say "Oh crap" her comment was" I would have said Horse dump".
Shelby and I were sharing my MP3 player when "Mack the Knife" came on. Taking the ear-phone out she looked at me and said " GRANDMA do you listen to this . ITS LAST CENTURY"

I can't think of any more news so I will sign off and go get another cup of coffee.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

negelecting my socks

I have been working on two of my lace KALs trying to catch up. ............. trying is the operative word here as I keep making mistakes on the Mystic Light shawl......... I know I learned to count........... In fact Math was my best subject it school but NOW...........................arrrgguuuhhhhhh. It doesn't help to having DH asking questions about what I think of his latest plans for his truck ............... this is accompanied by ringing phones, visiting family members and the TV. These things make counting difficult and why can't they tell that I am counting. They have only seen me knit for 30 odd years.
When a person is looking at their knitting, moving their finger slowly across the stitches and forming words silently what would you think they were doing????????????????

Anyway my weekend was very quiet........... I did nothing and really enjoyed it. I didn't even feel guilty about it. No I lied......
Shelby and I went to the garden shop and bought pansies and marigolds to plant. I even remembered to water them today.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

A great weekend

Well it is Sunday and I am home. We had a wonderful time. Margaret, Jeannette (Margaret's daughter) Lisa and I met at Sherri's and Sherri drove to Tracey's in Squamish. Tracey gave us a tour of her house and then we were off to Whistler.
Supper was Margaritas, chips and dips (3 of each) followed by M&M's for dessert. Actually we hadn't planned that for dinner but after we ate them we were too full for a proper dinner. Mind you it was a women's night so why would any of us want to cook................LOL............... so more margaritas and a dip in the hot tub. All of this was accompanied by a lot of chatting and even more laughter. For us laughing is an aerobic exercise.
This morning I taught the girls to knit, everyone made a dishcloth and are going to knit some more. Two of them want to make socks. We also watched "Enchanted" which is very cute. Then it was time to pack up and head for home with a stop in Whistler Village first. Oh yes we ate proper food today just incase anyone was concerned......... VBG.
Lisa took a lot of great photos so it will be fun to see them.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Another fun weekend coming up

as several friends and I are going to Whistler for a Girls night. We are going to do hair, nails, drink wine or margaritas or both. Have good food with good friends and of course a lot of laughter.
I didn't get to Wednesday Night Knitting as I had a touch of the flu but it is gone now

This is my recycled sillk yarn

This was a gift from a friend along with a lovely sheep pin.

Eventually this will be an afghan.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I forgot

to mention that I won one of the door prizes at the quilting retreat. It is a bundle of coordinated fat quarters. I will take a photo tomorrow. Today I went second hand shop hopping but didn't find any foam head or zippered pillow cases for Lynne. I did get 2 sweaters to take apart for the yarn. One is beige silk and the other is peachy wool and angora. I also got a cone of blue yarn, will test it tomorrow to see what it is.

Monday, 7 April 2008

It was a fabulous weekend

but as usual I didn't get enough sleep. The quilting retreat was great fun. I finished Jill's quilt and only need to do the binding on Che's and Cory's. Did some on the DJ and siggy blocks I owe. Put the last of the borders on my "Chicken Quilt", made two fat quarter pillow cases and worked a little on my twisted bear paw.We all worked on the "Water Lilies" wall hanging to give to the retreat centre.

Here Margaret , Lisa and Jocelyn are conferring about something or are they looking a pictures on Lisa's camera. This is probably the only time they will see them............LOL.................. we give Lisa a bad time about her photos. Apparently she does download them to her computer but they never go anywhere from there.

Elizabeth , our retreat center host is trying to cuddle up in Carol's quilt. Carol is on the right and Brigit on the left.

This is Tracey and her quilt for her MIL's 80th birthday. Hopefully she doesn't see this photo as it is not the best one of her

Here are some photos of the quilts the girls worked on. There are no photos of my quiltsas those pictures are on Lisa's camera so you may never get a chance to see them....LOL

Inge always does a pieced back and sometimes she likes the back of the quilt more than the front.

This is the 50th Anniversary Quilt Margaret is making for her parents. The light rectangles are the signature blocks from the Anniversary party.

For the knitter's out there I did work on my "sherbet socks" driving to and from the retreat. I may actually get the finished this week.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

I found this in my stash

but I don't know what to do with it. It is rayon, thick and thin and I have 9 one ounce balls at 150 each. This is the label but the colour is not really good for me so if anyone has any suggestions they will be gratefully accepted.

This Dragon clock was an Easter Present from Jill and Shelby. I love it and will put it with my Dragon collection when I eventually get them unpacked.

These lovely blocks arrived in the mail from Mary Jo and I love them. They are absolutely gorgeous. I am doing these blocks with black sashing and the quilt should be stunning, thanks to all my cyber friends who traded siggies with me.