Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Enabler

The Enabler has been at it again. Sunday he and Shelby went Garage Saling and this is what I got.

There is 6 balls of the brown wool, 11 of the red wool and 15 of the blue wool/acrylic. I thought I would make felted clogs out of the red but then realized that if you can machine wash it................. you CAN"T felt it.............DUH. The blue will make lovely socks but .................................. who wants to knit EIGHT pairs of plain blue socks ...................... NOT ME ...................I am bored just thinking about it.

This is what both my hands look like after wiping up the blue printer ink I spilt on the sink, dishes, counter, cupboard and floor............. boy!!! does it ever cover a lot of territory when you try to clean it up. I mean it just spreads out and out and out.................., thinner coat but covering more area. I kept wiping and rinsing and wiping and rinsing. I even thought to myself ' Self you don;'t like this floor anyway . It might look better blue'.
I don't remember being this clumsy ..................do you think it is just a phase?? I sure hope so because I am getting awfully tired of cleaning up weird things on the kitchen floor.

Boy was I at the top of Shelby's "S" list on Friday. I told her that her Mum was late because she was picking up Skyla who babysits Shelby at times. Well Shelby is all excited and says"Skyla is the BESTEST babysitter maybe she is going to babysitter me tomorrow."
"Better than Auntie Cory or I?"
Shelby "Yes Skyla is the bestest babysitter in the whole world"
"I am going to tell Auntie Cory" said I picking up the phone.
Shelby "NO" and stomped out the door but only closed the screen door so she could eavesdrop. Well Cory and I both laughed about the bestest babysitter. After I hung up Shelby stomped in, got her jacket, said "You are the WORSTEST GRANDMA IN THE WORLD", stomped back out and proceeded to bark and howl like a dog on the front steps. The plan being that this would irritate me...................... this was not the most amusing part of the day . That happened when Jill arrived and I told her the story. My daughter looked at me and said in a rather disgusted tone of voice said " And you let her bark and howl on the porch"? That is one of the best "OH MUM's " I have got in a long while. I just love it when I annoy my children...........LOL..........payback is a bitch!!!!!!!!!

I have since been forgiven and have been reinstated to the position of BEST Grandma.

Well I have been trying to organize myself for the Quilting retreat this weekend. It starts about noon on Thursday and finishes Sunday about 3:00. So far I have 8 projects put out to take ........................ all are in various stages of completion. Maybe I am not planning to sleep. One thing for sure is I won't lack for things to keep me busy, not that that has ever been a problem in my life. Darn I have to drive this time ................ no knitting on the trip there and back.......... shoot. Oh well should be able to live through it as I will get my knitting fix Wednesday night with the sock knitters. Mean while I have finished three wash cloths. The photos are on my 'flickr' site , link is on the left of the blog.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

finished my shawl

Well I have finally finished my Faroese shawl. It isn't a difficult pattern but rather boring as it was all garter stitch. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take a photo of yourself wearing a shawl................... well after two attempts I put the shawl on the couch and photographed it.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


Well I figured I had better write something here before Sharon gets a chance to nag at me. I have been busy finishing UFOs and doing ............ Better sit down for this .................. HOUSE WORK. The kitchen is clean and tidy, the bedroom is clean and tidy and the sewing room is clean and tidy. I have finished three quilting projects and one pair of socks. The photos are in the "Flickr" photos. Here are pictures of two blocks Joyce made for me (DJ block swap). She said she had trouble doing "Bright" fabrics as they are out of her comfort range. I know how this is as I once had to pick out neutral fabrics for a baby quilt................ talk about being out of your comfort range.......... aarruuuuuggghhhh. I think she did a great job and the blocks are lovely.

What am I doing now................ NOT HOUSEWORK although I do need to wash clothes so I don't go naked to the Guild meeting tonight. So here is my list which I am sure is incomplete.
1. working on my oldest quilting UFO
2. Dishcloth KAL
3. working on two of three pairs of socks
4. the mystery shawl
5. but I really need something for show-an- tell at the spinning retreat next month so I really, really need to finish my Faroese shawl. I think I am stalled on this as it is rather boring, just garter stitch and no pattern.
6. writing a bookmark pattern.
7. Another thing that should be done soon is DJ and siggy swap blocks. ........................... these being 6 in number.
Do I take on too much???????? Do I know how to say NO??????? Answer: of course not.
This Friday is DH's birthday, the family are coming on Sunday to celebrate. I may cancel if he doesn't stop calling me . He has been gone 1 hour and 45 minutes and has only phoned me FOUR times for info about things because he forgot to take his memo book with him. It's the Y.

I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do on the Quilting retreat in two weeks. I have three large quilts to sandwich and quilt but I always take more projects than I can possibly do as I don't want to get bored. This could be why I have so many UFO' .... you think.
It is now time to have a shower, get dressed and get to work on some of these things.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Cyber retreat

This weekend is a cyber retreat with the Dear Jane Quilting Yahoo group so of course I told DH that I was retreating all weekend. He doesn't mind. So far I have made three (almost 4) diamonds and 1 Dear Jane block. Hopefully I will finish the diamond today and do at least one more DJ block. I am hand piecing these blocks so it is a little slower than machine piecing but more relaxing.
Have to make a plan for this week. It is our turn to host the ABBA group dinner on the 8th so I need to clean the house ............. arrugh ...... you know how much I love house work. Lisa is one of the guests so I need to have the bedroom and craft room clean as she put up shelves for me and helped organize stuff. The kitchen has to be clean as we eat in there. I will make sure to wash the floor Saturday morning in the hopes that it will still look clean by dinner time. I have made a list of when I am doing what so I can still have time to quilt, knit and spin. Oh yes the Living room? Vacuum and clean the corner by my chair. Some one seems to make an awful mess in my corner ............... must be the "Messy Fairies". I think Shelby brings them with her because I do know they live in her room.

We still have DJ dog as Cory now seems to have pneumonia. That girl needs to look after herself and say NO to people who ask her to do things. She worries me.

Dear Shelby was here yesterday and was very good. She phoned to ask if she could come over to play with the neighbour child. When I said I thought she wanted to come to play with Grandma she went into gales of laughter and said I was funny.
One thing she has learned lately is that nagging may work with Mum but it only makes Grandma cross
I finally got new batteries for my camera so will post photos of my quilting in webshots later.