Monday, 3 September 2007

Cyber retreat

This weekend is a cyber retreat with the Dear Jane Quilting Yahoo group so of course I told DH that I was retreating all weekend. He doesn't mind. So far I have made three (almost 4) diamonds and 1 Dear Jane block. Hopefully I will finish the diamond today and do at least one more DJ block. I am hand piecing these blocks so it is a little slower than machine piecing but more relaxing.
Have to make a plan for this week. It is our turn to host the ABBA group dinner on the 8th so I need to clean the house ............. arrugh ...... you know how much I love house work. Lisa is one of the guests so I need to have the bedroom and craft room clean as she put up shelves for me and helped organize stuff. The kitchen has to be clean as we eat in there. I will make sure to wash the floor Saturday morning in the hopes that it will still look clean by dinner time. I have made a list of when I am doing what so I can still have time to quilt, knit and spin. Oh yes the Living room? Vacuum and clean the corner by my chair. Some one seems to make an awful mess in my corner ............... must be the "Messy Fairies". I think Shelby brings them with her because I do know they live in her room.

We still have DJ dog as Cory now seems to have pneumonia. That girl needs to look after herself and say NO to people who ask her to do things. She worries me.

Dear Shelby was here yesterday and was very good. She phoned to ask if she could come over to play with the neighbour child. When I said I thought she wanted to come to play with Grandma she went into gales of laughter and said I was funny.
One thing she has learned lately is that nagging may work with Mum but it only makes Grandma cross
I finally got new batteries for my camera so will post photos of my quilting in webshots later.

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