Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Well yesterday Jackie phoned to see if I wanted to come over and quilt. Yes!! Of course my answer was yes. By the time I had breakfast, packed up some projects, dropped Jill and Shelby off it was 11:00 when I got to Jackie's.
She and Ellen were working away. Ellen was checking to be sure she had cut all the blocks for a 'Turning Twenty ' quilt and Jackie was putting borders on her quilt. I just got started marking a quilt for quilting when Jackie said "I guess we missed those chairs at IKEA". I said maybe not as the catalogue had different dates than the flyer. Jackie phoned IKEA ....................... the sale was over but the sale price was still in the computer. Let's go before they change the price.... Off we go to IKEA (40 minute drive) to get three chairs. Now the sale is over so we decide Jackie will go first incase they aren't going to give us the sale price ............. she is all primed and ready for battle. Sale price comes up, no problems, quickly we pay for our chairs, load them in the van and leave. Time for Lunch at the Cactus club. (They have the fanciest bathrooms.) Did you know ...Yam fries are really good.
Then ............. because it is on the way home (sort of) we stop at Trend-Tex. Rows and rows and rows and rows of shelving filled with bolts and blots and more bolts of fabric in a humungeous wearhouse. Jackie and Ellen get the things they came for and off we go again. 3:00 we arrive back at Jackies, we have to put our chairs together otherwise Ellen will not unpack hers for months. She is rather like a cat playing with a mouse. Due to Ellen having bad arthritis and not being that strong. I put her chair and mine together. She thinks hers is crooked, Jackie and I both sit in it. It isn't the chair that is crooked.....VBG. Now Ellen has to go home and smuggle her quilting purchase into the house. She told her DH he had to quit spending so can't let him see her purchases. I stay a while longer and finish the marking I wanted to do and started on this block I am testing for Sandy. Six o'clock time to go home, phone DH , tell him I am on the way.
Home .. make dinner ... wrist is sore.......Ice on my right wrist........DARN, DARN, DARN, It hurts to knit , it hurts to sew..............AAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK
what have I done to myself ???......stupid chairs ....stupid me. When will I remember that although I am still very strong my joints aren't happy with a lot of strain.....
You know if your wrist hurts you could take and anti-inflammatory , pain killing pills.

Tuesday wrist still as sore OUCH!!!!! Phone Jill to borrow her wrist splint.
This wrist is a #$^*%#%#$ nusiance, oh yah anti-inflammatory pain killer PILLS only work if you remember to TAKE THEM
I did accomplish one thing, I MAILED MY LETTERS. Does anyone else have this problem with mailing things. I put the letters in my purse and carry them around for 1-4 weeks. What happens here? Do they hid in the lining? Do I not want to part with them? Do they beconme invisible for an undetermined amount of time? I don't know why they live in my purse for so long before they end up in the mail box. WHo knows??

Well DH has gone to work and I am enjoying the quiet. Just me and DJ (DD dog).
It is starting to cool down so I may go out and sit on the step or take DJ for a walk.

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