Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Garage sale

Well I survived the garage sale and am a 'little wealthier" then before. Shelby will be pleased as I made $8.50 for her. I sorted what didn't sell and have asked my DD to come and tell me if she thinks some of it will sell in the auction. She may bring her friend the auctioneer as well.
One thing I accomplished during the sale was some spinning. I finished spinning the merino/tencel I had bought at Desert Mesa. I had been stalling as I don't really like it and is not my best spinning. It is done so now I need to plan what I will do with it. Counting the yardage might help this process as it is very difficult to make something without knowing how much you have.

Here is a photo of DH wearing the socks I knit for him. I made them quite a bit shorter than usual so next time I will make the top a little longer.

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