Saturday, 7 April 2012

Is it really APRIL

 Despite rumors about this blog being abandoned I am still here but have been rather busy.  January was "Sock Scrimmage". February and March I did a lot of child care.  The "Mistress of Mayhem" consumes most of my energy when she is here.
She leaves a trail behind her where ever she goes.  The pencil crayons get dumped on the floor as  think  she likes the sound, her books all get pulled off the shelf, cookie cutters belong on the floor, small jars are to be taken off the shelf and stacked as high as possible on the floor,  larger jars go over the baby-gate into the craft room and the rock collection gets shared around the house.  If the door to our room is open, in she goes and climbs up on the bed. Then she checks out everything on the dressers.  If she is caught in our room she promptly lies down on the pillow, pulls up the covers and pretends to read  a book.

By the time she leaves I am worn out and need a rest.

In March I joined the "Sock Madness" group on Ravelry. We are now doing sock three which is optional as it is Easter.  After Easter we start round four. At the moment there are 5 groups of 32, don't know how many will go on to round 5 but that is announced when the sock is posted.

Sock Number one - Dicey - the cable pattern was determined by a roll of the dice.

 Sock number 2- Frick an' Frack

Frick is knit from the toe up and Frack is knit from the top down.