Monday, 29 December 2008

a lovely lazy day

Guess what Bill and I did today .............................. did you guess NOTHING. That's right Nothing and it was lovely. Tomorrow I have to do some shopping but today was just sitting , knitting and talking with DH. It was lovely.
I now need to make some plans to finish some of my UFOs that have been on hold because of Christmas preparations. This includes knitting , quilting and beading projects. I think I will make 1 New Year's resolution this coming year and that is to organize THE ROOM. I wonder what Lisa's plans are for the month of January????? She has a wonder gift for organizing things.

Well I should actually go to bed as it is after 11:00 and I do better with a decent nights sleep.

Friday, 26 December 2008

and still more snow

Here are todays snow photos. It is raining now and the snow is slipping off the awnings periodically. If it rains all night we may have some flooding as there is so much snow.

This is a poor photo of the branch that came off the Douglas Fir and took down the neighbours telephone and cable lines yesterday.

Shelby loved the bear I knit for her which made me feel really good. She took the bear to bed with her last night. She took off the bear's dress saying she couldn't sleep in her dress so I guess I am elected to make PJs or a nightgown for the bear.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

I AM GOING TO REGINA .......................yipee

For Christmas my darling husband gave me a round trip ticket to Regina so I can see our son. I am so excited this is the best present ever.
We had a lovely Christmas dinner after opening presents but everyone has gone home now and Bill and Shelby have gone to bed. It has been a blessed Christmas and we are so very fortunate.

More tomorrow tonight I just want to veg out.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Guess what we have more of..............

I'll bet you didn't guess it was snow ............................ my car is out there somewhere and it is still coming down. The snow is sticking to the trees and the power lines which is not a good sign as they tend to break under the weight. Hopefully no one will be without power for Christmas.

I am not posting photos of finished projects until after Christmas as some of the people involved read this blog( I think).

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

We have SNOW .............. boy do we ever

have Snow. It is lovely. The pictures are of our front yard. You can see Bill's truck but can you find my car?????????????
Yesterday I shoveled my car out and today we did Bill's. Then the truck wouldn't start. I guess the block heater isn't keeping the diesel warm enough. Anyway a friend came and helped him out.
The shopping is done ................. now to finish decorating and wrap the presents. I might even do a little more baking with Shelby. We will be five for dinner on Christmas day, I really miss our son but he is well and that is good.

Friday, 19 December 2008

will I ever be ready??

I guess whatever is done is enough. Christmas comes whether I am ready or not. Most of the gifts are done but I haven't got the tree up as I can't get it off the top shelf by myself. One DD is sick and the other is going through an emotional upheaval in her current relationship so they aren't any help. I have a plan to get it done tomorrow though. I know where all the decorations are so won't have to look for them.

I can't find my snow-boots ......................... I know they are here someplace and we have snow. I do know they are in this house somewhere........................... if I am lucky I will find them before the snow is all gone. Haven't been sledding yet this year. Usually we sled down one of the hills at my former work place. NEED to find my BOOTS.

I am also cold.I have been colder down here than I ever was up North. It is the dampness that does it. I am going to wrap myself in my shawl from Sheila so I will be nice and cozy. It is very much like getting a hug.

Haven't done any baking yet and I may not as we don't need it but I am planning to have friends over during the holidays. I may bake a few things, we will see. I love short bread cookies and butter tarts. DH loves mincemeat tarts. When he was young and asked about mince meat tarts his Dad used to tell him that he had to shoot the Mince first .

Cory and I have been making center pieces for gifts and for sale. I only needed two but she has sold several. She is trying to make some extra money to make up for the work she isn't getting. Hopefully she will find a new job soon.

Monday, 8 December 2008

It was wonderful

For my Birthday, Bill sent Margaret and I to see "Celtic Thunder" in Everett Washington. It was absolutely wonderful especially as Margaret had never heard them before. She took me to dinner before the show at "Anthony's". We had some really good seafood with a glass of wine and then off to the show. Back to Margaret's about 11:00 and she had to get up a 5:00, she got me up about 7:00 and I headed home about 8:00. I needed a nap because I haven't slept well the last 3 nights.
I am getting the DVD for Christmas and so is Shelby. She was not very happy that she couldn't come to the show.
My son phoned to wish me Happy Birthday as did my youngest brother. Inge came over and brought me a little gift .......... its a thimble with a dragon on it. Oh yes and I mustn't forget the gift from Margaret............. 3 Dragon plates.......... my collection grows...........HURRAH..............I do love DRAGONS.
I have finished the Shelby Christmas Bear and a hat for Brianne this week. Still working on socks and fingerless gloves. May try to do a few scarves as well.
Oh Shelby had the dog while I was gone and didn't really want to give her back.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

I am exhausted

We had the girls and their boy friends plus Shelby for dinner last night. This was to meet Jason, Cory's new boyfriend. We approve of the new man in her life.
Today was our ABBA group over for a meal midway between lunch and dinner...................... Hard to know what to call it. We tried various combinations like :- Linner, Lupper, Dunch, Sinner, Dupper ............. nothing seems to work. Anyway we had 8 adults and 4 children to feed mid afternoon. It was great fun but I sure am tired.

The greatest news is that for my Birthday, Bill gave me tickets to "Celtic Thunder " . It is next Sunday in Everett, Washington. He doesn't feel he can go so has arranged for my Friend Margaret to go with me . Shelby was very upset that she wasn't going as she really likes this group. We are going to get the DVD so she can watch it when she comes over.

Not much knitting or sewing going on this weekend but hopefully this week I will get some things done. I did buy 4 balls of "glow in the dark yarn" to knit each of the Granddaughters a hat for Christmas.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

it is now 4:25 am

I have been awake since 3:07. Bill and the dog are sleeping soundly, at least Bill is and the dog is just too lazy to get up. I finally got up and made myself some hot chocolate and turned on the computer.
I have this Amish cinnamon bread , which is more like a cake. It is one of those friend ship recipes, that every 10 days you need to find a friend who hasn't been gifted with some of the batter. It is more of a cake loaf than a bread loaf and is very good. I bought some small foil loaf pans to make this batch in so I can freeze some of it. That darn Gail has inspired me to do some Christmas baking this year. She has her Christmas preparations all planned out so that she is done by Dec.21. Wish I could get that organized. I think the problem is that I am easily distracted .
There was a nice surprise in the mail today................ make that yesterday ................. a siggy from Germany. I will post a photo tomorrow .......... no make that later today. I will eventually feel sleepy enough to go back to bed. I am real cranky if I don't get enough sleep ..........VBG ........................ and my brain doesn't work at all.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Now the dog is doing it

When Bill is home he likes me to be in the same room as him. If I leave the room for any length of time he calls and asks if I am coming back. Now the dog has started. If I leave the living room she will come and find me, bark at me or give this funny whine. I think she has to go out but all she wants is for me to come back into the living room with her. AAAARRRRRRRGHH
What a demanding bunch I live with.

Here are photos of the small things I am making. I forgot to put the penny beside the cork people and there will be another mitten and slipper.

I have finished a pair of socks but they are a present so will not post the photos here. Now on to laundry, vacuuming and more sock knitting. Oh yes and the teddy bear dress needs to be finished.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sharon is bugging me about photos

These are the photos that belong with the last post. The bear dress is done up to the waist now so it should be finished this week. Right now Shelby is here for the night so I can't work on it today. I am working on little figures for place settings at Christmas and little slippers to use instead of bows. I am trying to get away from wrapping paper and bows as they just end up in the garbage.

I need to try some other colours than blue and green. These are my favorites but not necessarily favorites of some of the people I knit for. I have one of the sleeves unraveled ready to knit into a lace scarf.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Arms and legs

are now attached to the bear and I will take a photo later today. I am still working on the pink dress and I think I will have to get another ball of yarn.

I took apart a cream coloured cashmere sweater and dyed the two sleeves with crepe paper, using vinegar as a mordant. They came out stripy like I planned ..................... now that is a nice surprise. I have started taking one sleeve apart so I can wash it and start knitting a lace scarf................. photos later.

Wednesday was knitting at the pool hall. Kathy was at a candle party and Gail had just returned from Calgary the day before so Laura, Sharon and I meet. Dottie from Burnaby joined us about 7:30. There was a lot of laughter as well as knitting.

Last night was fibre night at Knitopia, and boy were those hookers in the back room loud. The dog had to come with me as she refused to stay home. I initially left her in the car but later brought her in. Page, Chris and Lynne's dog liked her but Debbie;s little Chihuahua didn't. Mind you I don't think she likes any other dogs. I sewed the arms and legs on the bear and worked a little on the dress. I checked out the on sale sock yarn but didn't buy any. I was going to buy a couple of balls for socks for Bill but forgot them when we left.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

two days in a row

Do you believe it??? I am posting on this blog two ....................... yes 2 days in a row. I really don't have anything to say. I have had breakfast, one cup of coffee, read my e-mail and knit 1/2 row on the Teddy Bear dress so far today. Oh yes I talked to Gail on the phone twice. I really need to get my rear-in -gear and do something like dishes, laundry and vacuuming. ( I do make my bed every day)

20 minutes later

I have brought in the garbage can and the mail, put clothes in the dryer, sorted the laundry, hooked up the dishwasher and made the bed. Now it is time for a second cup of coffee. OH SH?!#T......................... I haven't taken my pills..........

5 minutes later

Took my pills and took photos of the bear and her dress and my new siggy from Elly in Scotland. Talked to Gail again. We are trying to remember sometime and we are getting close.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Another rainy day

Well my friend Molly and I spent the day together. We did a little shopping and went out for lunch. There were too many people out today so we came back to my house for tea. Usually we visit the 2nd hand stores searching for treasures but not today. Today Molly got a four in one George Foreman grill and I got a set of dominos, another knitting book and a calendar.
Leda had to come as she hates to be left home by herself but she wasn't real pleased about having to stay in the car while we shopped.

I made Chicken noodle soup for supper last night and I think that is on the menu again tonight as I am feeling lazy today.......

I know this isn't really a change from other days but I think it is due to the weather lately.
I am working on the Teddy bear for Shelby for Christmas, socks, fingerless gloves and a few other things. The dog and I go for 2 short walks every day so I am getting more exercise than I was. Leda doesn't like the rain so thinks we should go home as soon as she has done her business.................... lazy dog....... she is definitely more Chihuahua than Jack Russell terrier.

Friday, 7 November 2008

It's only November

and I am already sick of the rain. This is how I felt yesterday. (if you click on the picture it will enlarge and be easier to read)

Thursday, 6 November 2008


We have a new addition to the family. Leda is a small dog , Jack Russel/Chihuahua cross. Her body and tail are Jack Russel and the rest is Chihuahua. She has a quiet disposition most of the time and is very loving, She is 6 years old and her previous owner had to move and couldn't find a nice place she could afford that allowed pets. Originally Leda was a rescue dog when she was two. She does have a few behaviours we need to work on but she is smart and has learned some things already.
We had thought about getting a puppy but the more we talked about it the more I got thinking I didn't want to go through "PUPPY" again.

What am I working on ................. Lets see .............. its November hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm .......... that means the next month is December which means three Birthdays, one anniversary and Christmas. I must be doing presents, bags , socks, fingerless gloves, Teddy Bears, hats ........................... and some other things that haven't been decided on yet.

I actually did some sorting, moving and emptying boxes in THE ROOM. Things are getting really desperate .............. I have to find some place to put 60 some bottles of wine............. This is an urgent situation................................! I am actually thinking of hanging things from the ceiling, I am looking for one of those old wooden clothes dryers that you raise and lower with a rope. That would hold a lot of things and actually give me some floor space.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

aaaauuuuuuurrrggghhhh TRAFFIC

I took DGD to school today and I couldn't believe the traffic. I mean cars were everywhere and lined up. I try to never drive during rush hour because of the crazies who think they are entitled to be at work before anyone else. This reminds me of the traffic story in Ft. St John. I was up visiting family. Wendy and I were going to visit our sister Janice who lived a little way out of town. As we are driving down the gravel road that Janice lives on , Wendy said "I can't believe there is this much traffic" I looked at her with a VERY puzzled expression ... " What traffic? We have only had 2 cars pass us going the other way " ..................... Her reply was " Usually there is no one on this road." I guess traffic is relative but this morning was bumper to bumper, blocking intersection, someone has to let you in or you are there forever, why am I out in this traffic.,traffic"

Today my friend Molly and I are going out for lunch and then checking out the second hand shops in Maple Ridge............ there are 6 of them so we will have a good time. Mind you Molly and I have a good time no matter what we do.

I have started a pair of silk and wool socks and a pair of fingerless gloves. These are gifts so I can't post photos or give more info.

This should be a fun week. Wednesday night at the pool hall, Thursday with the Hookers , Friday sewing with Jackie, and Sunday is ABBA drunch at the Andersons.

Well I should go do some laundry or dishes or something related to house work, but if I dilly-dally on this computer long enough I won't have time before I have to go out. After all I still have some e-mail to read and I haven't been on Ravelry today so guess what I am going to do???????? ................................. VVBG

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fun day

Iris came over this morning for our "Multi-media Group", no one else joined us but we had fun anyway. We tried different things with Angelica............. it is shiny fibres that fuse together when heated. Here are some not very good photos of what I did.

We used coins, buttons and other things to try and get the image on the agelica. It worked but doesn't show up well in the photos.

These silk flowers are in between 2 layers of angelica.

Feathers and thread with the angelica

All the stuff I did together on Bill's chair.
Now I have to figure out what I am going to do with these things I made. Gail missed out on the fun because her memory is bad.

Yesterday I was standing on the little step ladder I use in the house trying to get the crock pot off the top shelf. As I was pulling it off the shelf I thought "Oh oh I haven't got hold of the lid" This was right before the heavy glass lid landed on my head, bounced off and smash to smithereens on the floor. So there I was , standing on the ladder holding my head and saying "Yes I am alright" "Well maybe not" Bill put on his shoes, came and rescued me. There was glass all over the kitchen floor what a mess. Anyway I made soup with out the lid and the crock-pot works just fine. The lump on my head is down today and I will never have to worry about that glass lid again.
I am knitting socks for Christmas gifts and I am not sure what else I will do but time will tell.

Saturday, 25 October 2008


There is a contest at this site. Go over and vote for her next project and you might win something

Friday, 24 October 2008

they're here!!!!

This morning my 160 Christmas siggies arrived and they are lovely. I am going to look through them carefully to see how many states they cover and what other countries. Bill and I are going to sit here and look at them all.

Here is a photo of my purchases at the Spinning retreat. Just a few things I couldn't "LIVE WITH OUT".....................VBG.
How about my hand got stuck in the bag so I had to purchase the items?? HHHHHUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM........ the house needs more insulation!!!! The colours are Bill's favorite.......... no that won't work with anyone who knows Bill. OH LETS FACE IT ................... I just wanted it....... that's all.

This is my piece from the Multi-media group. We are meeting at my house this Sunday so I will post that next week. I am not exactly sure what we are doing.

This is THE ROOM. I unpacked 2 more boxes yesterday but who can tell. There is a floor in here .............. honest there is. I have walked on it and I have witnesses. I have decided that if I do 2 boxes everyday I will eventually see results. It will be slow but definitely faster than doing nothing.

Monday, 20 October 2008

I am back

It was a wonderful weekend. Jill came with me to Gail's where we couldn't get in to her place so she met us at Greenfields. Jill took my car and went home while Gail and I headed for Cache Creek. Sharon was unable to come this time but maybe next year.
We stopped in Hope and had coffee ( and a double chocolate fudge brownie) Then we had to stop at the bead shop, then the toy shop, We were going to the "Betty Boop shop " but it was getting late and we would miss too much spinning time so we headed out.
Along the way we passed this car on the side of the road. "Was that Jude's car?" "I don't know, what should we do" "No bars on the phone" " We better go back and check." So Gail makes a U turn on the highway and we head back towards Hope. "OH look is that Jude passing in the other direction?" No car at the side of the road so another U turn and we are headed for Cache Creek. Along the way this is what we see......................

We arrive safely at the retreat and I have finished one fingerless glove from my latest handspun yarn.......... unload the truck and go in. Most people are there and Lynne has saved us seats either side of her. Hello's and hugs to every one ............. it is so good to see every one.

Gail and I.

Sheila looks great and is a crazy as ever but no more so than the rest of us. Just time left to put clothes and pillows in the bedrooms before dinner. After dinner we check out the vendors ......................... oooooooohhhhhhhhh yummy stuff .................. but I DON"T need anything ................................. someone says "It isn't about NEED" .......................... Oh look there is one of the books on my wish list .........................I could buy this after all I was planning to get it one day ..... OH DEAR!!........ I think my hand is stuck in this bag!!!!!!!!! Sharon says " shall I start you a tab?"......... and you thought that only happened in the bar didn't you.

Time to do some spinning and talk................... believe it or not I can do both those things at the same time. About 9:00 Gail and Lynne go to bed not me .....I might miss something. At 11:00 I put aside my green BFL and call it a night. I have a whole room to myself. I never have a whole room to myself. It feels strange but nice.

Morning, 7:25 and I head for the coffee pot still in my PJs. Two cups later go get dressed before breakfast and then it is upstairs to do more spinning, visiting and shopping. A great day, I purchase some lovely fibre (photos later) After lunch it is "Show and Tell" oh my goodness what gorgeous things and wonderful creations................. I am inspired. At 4:00 Gail and I decide if we have a nap we could stay up late and spin. (That one hour nap and we stayed up until 1:00). Dinner at 5:00 , time for a walk so off we go through the hedge. Gift exchange at 7:00 ...............I get a lovely braid of merino and silk in colours I love.

Socks, socks and more socks.

I had to buy another book............................... really I JUST HAD TOO. It was calling my name............,. I now own "Fabulous Felted Bags" by Nicky Epstein.
Sunday I didn't bother to get dressed for breakfast. More spinning and more fibre glommed on to my hand and just clung there. What could I do ???.............. I had to buy it.
Door prize time and everyone got one. Mine was more fibre in colours I really love ................ bright and in your face.

Oh yes I must tell you about poor Anul Likit........... I took her to guard my spinning wheel and Tony kept stepping on her. Thankfully she survived the abuse.

But I must tell you the most wonderful thing of all .................. Sheila gave me my Birthday shawl that she made for me.. It is agorgeous, deep red, rectangular shawl that is very cuddly an soft. I love it and Sheila, she is a wonderful friend who also gave me a brick of silk to spin.

I will post more photos to morrow.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

One more sleep

Tomorrow Gail and I are off to Desert Mesa Spinning retreat. I am sorry to say that Sharon is unable to join us this time due to circumstances beyond her control. We will miss her.
I am making lists so that I hopefully don't forget anything. As usual I will probably take way too much but I wouldn't want to run out or get bored ................. LOL. Anyway I am really looking forward to this weekend'

As to my fibre projects, I have finished "the Bar Stool Commando Shawl" and it turned out well.

Now I need to finish my Anniversary Shawl. I mailed "Slow Bee 1 " to my sister but haven't heard anything back yet, so I don't know if it has arrived yet.

I made 8 hats for the "Boomer Project" and have another on the needles but it is on hold until I have finished my Christmas knitting.

This is my partially finished multi-media project. It is only partly finished as I haven't quit figured out what to do with it.

These are the small blocks I made on the quilting retreat last month. The PLAN is to quilt them and make them into Christmas cards. I really need to get off my butt and finish a few things.