Monday, 24 November 2008

Now the dog is doing it

When Bill is home he likes me to be in the same room as him. If I leave the room for any length of time he calls and asks if I am coming back. Now the dog has started. If I leave the living room she will come and find me, bark at me or give this funny whine. I think she has to go out but all she wants is for me to come back into the living room with her. AAAARRRRRRRGHH
What a demanding bunch I live with.

Here are photos of the small things I am making. I forgot to put the penny beside the cork people and there will be another mitten and slipper.

I have finished a pair of socks but they are a present so will not post the photos here. Now on to laundry, vacuuming and more sock knitting. Oh yes and the teddy bear dress needs to be finished.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, okay, you're just having too much fun! So when's that nekkid bear getting some clothes????