Sunday, 30 November 2008

I am exhausted

We had the girls and their boy friends plus Shelby for dinner last night. This was to meet Jason, Cory's new boyfriend. We approve of the new man in her life.
Today was our ABBA group over for a meal midway between lunch and dinner...................... Hard to know what to call it. We tried various combinations like :- Linner, Lupper, Dunch, Sinner, Dupper ............. nothing seems to work. Anyway we had 8 adults and 4 children to feed mid afternoon. It was great fun but I sure am tired.

The greatest news is that for my Birthday, Bill gave me tickets to "Celtic Thunder " . It is next Sunday in Everett, Washington. He doesn't feel he can go so has arranged for my Friend Margaret to go with me . Shelby was very upset that she wasn't going as she really likes this group. We are going to get the DVD so she can watch it when she comes over.

Not much knitting or sewing going on this weekend but hopefully this week I will get some things done. I did buy 4 balls of "glow in the dark yarn" to knit each of the Granddaughters a hat for Christmas.

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  1. It is now 8 days since this post AND today is your Birthday! Have a GOOD ONE, my Dear Friend! Love ya!.........g