Friday, 14 November 2008

Arms and legs

are now attached to the bear and I will take a photo later today. I am still working on the pink dress and I think I will have to get another ball of yarn.

I took apart a cream coloured cashmere sweater and dyed the two sleeves with crepe paper, using vinegar as a mordant. They came out stripy like I planned ..................... now that is a nice surprise. I have started taking one sleeve apart so I can wash it and start knitting a lace scarf................. photos later.

Wednesday was knitting at the pool hall. Kathy was at a candle party and Gail had just returned from Calgary the day before so Laura, Sharon and I meet. Dottie from Burnaby joined us about 7:30. There was a lot of laughter as well as knitting.

Last night was fibre night at Knitopia, and boy were those hookers in the back room loud. The dog had to come with me as she refused to stay home. I initially left her in the car but later brought her in. Page, Chris and Lynne's dog liked her but Debbie;s little Chihuahua didn't. Mind you I don't think she likes any other dogs. I sewed the arms and legs on the bear and worked a little on the dress. I checked out the on sale sock yarn but didn't buy any. I was going to buy a couple of balls for socks for Bill but forgot them when we left.

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  1. So?? Where's the damned bear??