Sunday, 7 June 2015


We are mostly moved into the new house.  There are still a few things at the old place and then it needs to be cleaned.
At the new house I am slowly unpacking boxes. The guys packed boxes to the ceiling in the dining room.  Not sure how I am going to get them down, even wth the step stool its to high for me.   The kitchen is getting there but haven't figured out where I am going to put every thing................ Also I seemed to have not packed the dishes or all the food.  How did that happen ............. Don't ask me, my brain is mush these days.  Mind you things are getting better as Bill is home and NOT using the walker he insisted I get from Lange,y Red Cross loans cupboard.
Yesterday was a party for the Allan's 50 th Wedding Anniversary.   I don't know how they can be married that long ......... I was a Bridesmaid and I am sure I am not THAT old.  It was a very nice party.

Back to the house I have unpacked about half the craft room boxes.  I have one, no make that 2 boxes that will go to the second hand shop.  I am trying to be realistic about what I keep. At this point I apparently have to live to 120 to use every thing in the ROOM and that is pre-supposing I don't buy any more fabric or yarn.............hmmmmmmmm