Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Sisters have gone. my Sisters have gone, My Sisters have gone....

My Sisters and I had a wonderful time together. When we were young we were too far apart in age to play together but now that we are all adults with families we are having a great time together.  We went to the second hand shops, Coquitlam centre , Westminster Quay, Maple Ridge Mall,  Chapters, Jackies Quilt Shop.  Had lunch at Lorraine's one day,  dinner at Cory and Aaron's , Janice treated us to dinner one night and I stayed in the motel with them one night.  Oh yes we also went to Fibres West and  Wendy bought knitting needles, bodkin s and some silk  hankies.
Jill and Elizabeth came over every morning and Shelby even graced us with her presence twice.
The Girls said they were going home to have a rest besides we were out of wine and chocolate. Tuesday afternoon I had a 3 hour nap and went to bed at  10:00. I wouldn't want them to think I couldn't keep up.  Oh yes and we had lovely weather while they were here.
Nice day today and I was thinking of doing some yard work but haven't managed to get myself together yet.
Yesterday the dentist office phone to say could I come in right away as the crowns were in and he was going on vacation for 10 days starting Thursday.  Went rushing into the dentist and he put the crowns in and took impressions for the partial.  The partial should be ready in about 2 weeks, meanwhile I am eating liquid or soft foods ................... Maybe I will lose some weight.  That wouldn't hurt. Last night I went to knitting but didn't feel too social as I was tired,  the dentist visits always stress me out.
I am trying to get my "Dinner at the Eiffel Tower" before the Spinning Retreat.  I need something for "Show and Tell".  The retreat is still 2 weeks away so I should have it finished.
Time to go get something done.  Have to go to the grocery store today and somewhere else that I can't think of at the moment.