Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Feeling better

I was feeling much better by my Birthday, Thank Goodness ........................ who wants to be ill on their Birthday.   Had Cake at knit night that Doris made .  Oh my gosh but it was good.  Doris also made me the most beautiful silk scarf with beads.  I will try to get a photo up soon.  Jill and the girls came over on my Birthday and made dinner so that was a lovely present,  DH gave me a gorgeous Amber necklace. I had Birthday wishes from my son and his wife as well as phones calls from all my siblings.  Still have a couple of Birthday celebrations to come.

Monday we all had dinner at Cory and Aaron's to celebrate her Birthday. Aaron bought her new gold earrings and a Chihuahua  puppy.  It is white and very cute.   They now have three dogs.

I am madly knitting things for Christmas. Who knows if I will be done in time.................... it would be novel ........................ I am usually late with things.

This week is the week to put up the Christmas tree and I am going to try and put some lights up outside.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Darn it

I am sick ..................... I have this cold flu thing and had to cancel quilting and a dinner party.  I have spent the best part of the last 2 days in bed sleeping.  The Mistress of Mayhem and Ms Chaos have been here.  Ms Chaos has been very quiet and well behaved lately but the Mistress of Mayhem has left the usual trail
I can't afford to be ill, as the place starts to look like a disaster.  I got DD to help me take out the garbage that was over running the house and I managed to do a few dishes before I played out.
My Christmas knitting and quilting is not progressing very well so people may get partially finished presents with notes that say return to sender if you would like this finished.
That is all for today ................ I need a nap.