Friday, 26 December 2008

and still more snow

Here are todays snow photos. It is raining now and the snow is slipping off the awnings periodically. If it rains all night we may have some flooding as there is so much snow.

This is a poor photo of the branch that came off the Douglas Fir and took down the neighbours telephone and cable lines yesterday.

Shelby loved the bear I knit for her which made me feel really good. She took the bear to bed with her last night. She took off the bear's dress saying she couldn't sleep in her dress so I guess I am elected to make PJs or a nightgown for the bear.

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  1. doesn't it make you feel great when you have made the perfect gift for the perfect granddaughter... you can tell from the picture that she really does love are just too talented for words...Have a Happy New Year... hugs sheila