Tuesday, 28 October 2008

aaaauuuuuuurrrggghhhh TRAFFIC

I took DGD to school today and I couldn't believe the traffic. I mean cars were everywhere and lined up. I try to never drive during rush hour because of the crazies who think they are entitled to be at work before anyone else. This reminds me of the traffic story in Ft. St John. I was up visiting family. Wendy and I were going to visit our sister Janice who lived a little way out of town. As we are driving down the gravel road that Janice lives on , Wendy said "I can't believe there is this much traffic" I looked at her with a VERY puzzled expression ... " What traffic? We have only had 2 cars pass us going the other way " ..................... Her reply was " Usually there is no one on this road." I guess traffic is relative but this morning was bumper to bumper, blocking intersection, someone has to let you in or you are there forever, why am I out in this traffic.,traffic"

Today my friend Molly and I are going out for lunch and then checking out the second hand shops in Maple Ridge............ there are 6 of them so we will have a good time. Mind you Molly and I have a good time no matter what we do.

I have started a pair of silk and wool socks and a pair of fingerless gloves. These are gifts so I can't post photos or give more info.

This should be a fun week. Wednesday night at the pool hall, Thursday with the Hookers , Friday sewing with Jackie, and Sunday is ABBA drunch at the Andersons.

Well I should go do some laundry or dishes or something related to house work, but if I dilly-dally on this computer long enough I won't have time before I have to go out. After all I still have some e-mail to read and I haven't been on Ravelry today so guess what I am going to do???????? ................................. VVBG

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