Saturday, 18 August 2007

something terrible is happening

Something terrible is happening to me.I don't know what it is but I am doing HOUSEWORK. I moved two big bookcases and had to DUST. I VACUUMED THREE TIMES last week. Do you believe it THREE times, I hate to vacuum. Then I was moving Bill's "Stuff shelf" and this plastic bottle fell off and the lid broke. AAARRRRUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH ............... shiny oily looking liquid spreading all over the floor. Go get a bucket and clothe to wipe this mess up ............................. wait .......... it is soapy..... look at the bottle -"Seat-belt Shampoo". Oh my gosh look at the floor!!!!! It is CLEANING all the little dimpled sections in the horrible white linoleum. Save this stuff.... it is wonderful. Oh oh , I wonder what he paid for it? Now this wonderful stuff is in a spray bottle slightly diluted and my kitchen floor is clean. The mop lives in the kitchen because this floor could be washed twice a day but I am only doing it once a day. The kitchen has a new flat spot on the top of the dish washer and Bill sorted all his "stuff" and the table is a clean flat spot. Oh my goodness does anyone have a cure for this housecleaning bug I have caught????? I am looking at the pantry area in the kitchen thinking "I SHOULD CLEAN THAT"!!


My craft room is just about sorted. I had to go get clear plastic boxes for the quilting fabric because I couldn't stand not being able to see it in the cardboard ones. Now I have to figure out what to do with the 10 cardboard ,99 cent Ikea boxes
that the fabric was in.

What have I been doing besides cleaning ....... well there is the DGD Shelby who has been here a lot.

Then I have been working on the the 'Mystery Stole 3' which I think is a gorgeous pattern. Yesterday we got the last chart J. I am only starting E ........ I wouldn't be so far behind if I could get rid of the 'CLEANING BUG'.

I have been making Dear jane blocks to swap with other DJ quilters. I don't have photos of the ones I made but here are the ones I received. I am going to sash them with black. Shelby knows which envelops have quilt blocks and she likes to open them. When she opened the red and gold one she said "It looks like Heaven". I was puzzled so asked why, at which time she turned the block on point so the X looked like a cross and said " See ... Looks like heaven"

These are two beaded lariats I have made
from a pattern by Lisa Flyman

Wednesday night I went to the join the Wednesday night sock knitters. Sharon is still knitting tiny socks for Afghanistan and Gail is knitting socks for herself as none of her men want the socks with the little strip of peach in them..... Silly men! Laura is knitting afghan blocks but had some lovely alpaca and she is going to make an afghan from it..... what a waste. We said she should make a sweater or a shawl. It is her yarn though so she should probably make what she wants.
I am trying to finish the one's I am making for ............ oops ........ better not say incase she reads this. Today I am going to finish the outfit I am making for Shelby. I also have to do boring stuff like laundry and dishes.......... some how it is very difficult to move the dishwasher to the sink and plug it in. It is kind of like letters. I write them put them in an addressed, stamped envelop and then into my purse. Getting them out of my purse into the mailbox is very, very difficult. Do they adhere to the purse lining, blend into the stuff in my purse, become so heavy you can't lift them. Let me know if you have the answer because they can live in my purse for weeks before they finally get mailed. Enough for todaymust have MORE coffee and do some HOUSEWORK.


  1. Did all of this start because of the Garage Sale ??? What "can of worms" did you open ?? Soon you can be "over it", and get on with the important things in life ! and....thanks again for my new sock-project bag, its been a hit everywhere I go............gail in surrey

  2. You are a Nutball!! I could sure use some of that kitchen floor cleaner! Does it come with the mopper included???