Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday I think

Yesterday I volunteered at "Fibers West", it was a great day and I was going to go again today but ended up with a darn head ache.................... I rarely get headaches but have had 2 in the past week. That's enough for this year as I have too many things to do to put up with headaches.... Anyway back to "Fibers West" I visited with several people I haven't seen in ages. It was nice to see so many people I knew at the event. I was very restrained and only purchased 2 balls of cotton yarn and 1 skein of Noro sock yarn in "in your face" colours.

The Small Child has gone to see her Dad and other Grandparents so we only have her shirt to remind us of her.................

My Sister Janice e-mailed to say they are going to be here next weekend and would we like a visit from them on Sunday so I am excited to see them.

Oh yes I did finish 2 projects, both for the Boomer Project.

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