Sunday, 8 March 2009

We were in the ROOM and returned.

Well my youngest DD was over yesterday and we did some work on my room. There really is more floor in there ........... who would have thunk it. I have a zillion buttons which is more than I thought. I found directions for BUTTON COASTERS, maybe I should do some. Each one takes 19 buttons, not that that will be noticeable. Oh well they are fun to look at and fun to sort if you only do a little at a time.

I need to unravel some of the sweaters I bought for re-cycling as the yarn seems to take up less space or so I think.................. could this be wishful thinking?????

Shelby has been here most of the weekend so we have had our DGD fix as far as she is concerned. Now to see the older DGD.
Must phone her Mother tomorrow. Meant to phone DS today but by the time things settled down it was 10:00 or 11:00 in Regina.

I am working on a Mario shawl today ......... I have so many thing to do I am trying to set certain days for certain projects. I am also trying very hard not to start anything new until I have a few things finished.

The dining room table is still covered with stitch making materials but I may put them away tomorrow. We will see what happens tomorrow.

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