Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sept. parcel

I  received this in the bookmark swap in Sept. The Pot holders in the background are the best I have ever used. I need to fine the pattern for these and make some for gifts.

 This parcel arrived in the mail today.  Lots of treasures from Sally. I will probably have to fight Shelby off for the Pez.  The dispenser is a vampire bat...........
I love the little fabric halloween bag she made me as well as the very cute wee sock. Opening the parcel was great fun as everything was wrapped in bright orange tissue paper.

 The other side of the little sock has a witch button. Notice the cute little bat earrings!!!

These are socks I am knitting from yarn that was on sale at Micheal's .......... do you believe  $.79 a ball.
I picked up extras for the Knit Night Gals. There was also an orange/brown yarn on for the same price.


This is the Bandana Cowl by Purl Soho.  It is free on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bandana-cowl  ( I did try to put the link in properly but the %$*^%$ Computer is not cooperating with me today.)  It is an easy pattern and knits up quickly.

Jill and Elizabeth were here this morning for Breakfast.  We still have their dog as Shelby is coming after school to get the dog and hopefully her laundry.................... She and her Mother are having issues about several things and this is one of them.   Apparently if she doesn't take her laundry home and put it away by Friday I am to give it away or maybe Jill is going to give it away.  It is not like this child has any lack of clothes but I think these are her favorite clothes.

Parcel arrived today from my Wendy sister.  It contained the things Shelby left behind in Ft. St. John and a genealogy thing for me.

Well there you are TWO days in a row.  That is almost a record for me............... or will be if I post again tomorrow.


  1. Karen,
    Wow sure pays to get mail at your house. What a nice surprise. Hope you are feeling better...I think Scott is on the mend but he heads to England on Thurs. Hope he doesn't share his germs with everyone on the plane. So far I am the only one here who has been able to avoid getting sick. Hope to see you tomorrow.

  2. what a great surprise... two days in a row... better than me.... love the gifts... what a neat treat