Sunday, 28 January 2007

January 28,2007

Today I started a small sock for the son of a friend. It is a chain link pattern which is very nice.
I still have to finish the Christmas bag for my daughter and a hat for Jackie. Then I can work on the three pairs of socks on the needles and my Faroese shawl.( I don't think I spelt that correctly.)
There are about 10 quilting projects in need of quilting and 4 or 5 in need of finishing the top.
I have to clean my craft room and I am worried about how many other unfinished projects I will find.
I was talking to Jean about beaded knitting today and realized I have three projects ready to start.
Having listed all these projects I realize it is now 10:00 pm. I may just go to bed as I am tired thinking about so many UFOs.

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