Monday, 3 December 2007

heat or the lack of.........

Well it is Monday and the weekend was interesting ................ sort of. Friday night Bill says" Is the furnace on? It's cold in here." So I go look------- NO FIRE ( there is supposed to be fire - its a gas furnace) .... Now I am very nervous about lighting pilot lights but DH can't get down on the floor as readily as I can. Mind you getting down isn't the problem .................... it's getting back up that is difficult. Anyway I am off topic. I get my flashlight and check out the instructions about lighting the pilot light (this requires getting down on the floor as I can't read the label otherwise ....... Turn everything off ....... Okay the gas is off ........... moan ... get UUUUUUUPPPPPPP .............. turn off the thermostat ..... wait 5 minutes. Back down on the floor ......... try to light the pilot light ..... ooohoh ... wrong spot ................ ohoh forgot to hold the button down. You know it is not an easy thing to hold the button down and light the match at the same time. AAAAAAHHAA ...... the pilot lights, I hold the button down for the required 30 seconds. DH turns up the thermostat. The furnace lights....... groan ........... get UUUUUUPPPPP, All is well or so we think . Half an hour goes by ..................... the furnace is OUT. Here we go again .... turn everything off, wait 5 minutes, light the pilot.............. GET UP off the floor....... Groan...... turn up the thermostat. We have heat - YEAH RIght for 1/2 hour or so and it is out again. Back down on the floor to go through every thing ONE MORE time with the same results NO HEAT.

It is now 10:30 p.m., we phone dear Daughter Jill......... get her to go to her friends and pick up our heater. She gets the neighbour to stay with Shelby. I find the ancient heater from the farm, Jill brings us the big heater and TA DA we have 2 heaters and heat. I dig out the down comforter and we go to bed.

Saturday I am feeling shitty still and we finely get the landlord who will try to get some one over. But of course it is the weekend and it is SNOWING. Everything stops here when it snows, not enough snow plows or sand trucks because it rarely snows here . When it does snow it is like we are hosting an "Idiots Convention" especially for certain 4X4 owners who seem to think that 4 wheel drive means they can go the normal speed and still stop at the icy , snowy, intersection. (* see foot note).
Saturday night we go to bed and Bill brings the small heater in the bedroom. I get up about 3:30 to answer the call of nature................... on my way back to bed there is a flash by the heater................. darn, darn, darn it has burned out. The fortunate part is no fire. I mean this is an electric heater there is not supposed to be fire.

Sunday we were supposed to go to a " Lunchy Brunchy" thing. Bill phones to say we won't be coming because I am sick, but we am not missing anything because it is cancelled due to snow. (I meant it when I said everything grinds to a halt here when it snows. The people that do know how to drive in the snow don't go out unless they have to because of the "Idiot's Convention") Any way we are now down to 1 heater ................. but are we ???????? We look at each other and both say
"WHERE is the fireplace?????????????????"
. Behind the rocking chair the printer sits on............... are you ready for this?????????? AN ELECTRIC FIREPLACE After some furniture moving we have lots of heat and are toasty warm.

Last night it started to rain and this morning instead of 6 inches of snow we have 3 inches of slush. Roads are closed because of flooding and tonight we are supposed to get wind and rain storms. On a more positive note I am feeling better and madly knitting for Christmas. Wednesday is Sock knitting and Thursday is quilting. Today my Birthday present to myself arrived - 2 new books 1) Victorian Lace by Jane Sowerby - what a yummy book.
2) At Risk by Patricia Cornwell.
Well that was the weekend oh yes the foot note: My sister Janice said the only thing she missed when they cancelled the cable was the news broadcasts showing the Vancouver drivers in the snow . They added music to the video footage so that the cars slide into the ditch, into each other , into the intersections, etc to Strauss Waltzes. It is very , very funny.


  1. Thanks for entering my contest - I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Uh yes, the infamous pilot light! We returned home from Montreal to no heat. Thankfully, Scott was able to replace the thermocoupler in the furnace the next day!