Thursday, 21 January 2010

Catching up

Well I know it has been a month since I updated this blog but life has been happening around here.
Cory's surgery and recovery has been stressful. Christmas was difficult for me as everyone was somewhere else except Bill, Jill and I. I love Christmas but it involves family and I was missing most of mine. I didn't even make arrangements to see most of our friends as I felt so down.
We also had a rather stressful waiting period but now that we know everything is alright I can tell the world that ....................... are you ready for it .......................... I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER AGAIN ........................... DD Jill is expecting , due in July. She is definitely a Welsh/Telfer child ....................... she was taking birth control meds. She and I think this one is going to be a boy as the pregnancy is different. She didn't have morning sickness with Shelby. Shelby wants a sister but I think she will be happy with a baby. When Jill told her about the baby she was all excited and one of her comments was "That's why your stomach is getting bigger."

Boy do I need to get quilting. Need to get in THAT ROOM and clear off the table and the sewing machine stand. Wedding quilts to finish and baby quilts to start.

Yesterday I went to the dentist and he pulled the root from my tooth that broke at Christmas. It had a crown and the whole thing broke off at gum level. The dentist had to cut the bone down a little on each side to get hold of the root. There was a lot of wiggling and pulling to get it out but it did come out in one piece....................... it must have been 1/2 inch long. There was sure enough of it. I now have a gap and a stitch and a sore jaw and gum............................ but I SURVIVED ................I really hate going to the dentist. It is an energy draining event no matter what they do.

I am working on the Shawl for my Sister Janice. I started one that I thought would be great but 2/3 of the way into it I didn't like the way the cables pulled in at the point where all 9 of them crossed. So off to the frog pond with it and I am now knitting a shawl out of the book 'Folk Shawls' by Cheryl Oberle. I am very happy with the way this one is turning out. I should have it done this month.
I signed up for this Ravelry group '10 shawls in 2010" and they all have to have lace in them. Janice's shawl will be number one.
I have three pairs of socks on the needles, a pooling cowl, a modular scarf and two more shawls. I am not counting my projects that are hibernating at this time.

Charlie took off once over the holidays as the gate by the house was falling apart and he got out. fortunately it was 7:00 in the am not 2 or 4. After Jill and Jamie fixed the gate for us Charlie snuck out the cat door figuring he could get out of the yard again but we had fooled him......................... pretty soon I hear the cat door clicking.................... its Charlie wanting in.

Oh yes we have also been over to the island. Went on Thursday last week as Bill had an appointment with a specialist and then we went and saw his Mother and Frank and came home on Friday. The Doctor was Pleased with the results of Bill's tests so that was good but Mum had failed some more since we saw her last and even Frank looks a little frailer. They are both 91 so I guess it is to be expected. We took Shelby with us as she really wanted to see Gran and we don't know how much more time we wil have with her. Thursday evening Shelby had a meltdown and was awful.When she gets really hungry she gets REALLY CRANKY AND I MEAN CRANKY. Papa (DH) finally got her to eat something and things improved after that.This was the one time I have been thankful that Mum's Short Term Memory is so bad. Friday we had lunch with Mum and SIL Karen and we arrived home about 7:00 or was it 6:00. Didn't have time to go see my DB and DSIL in Port Alberni.

Well it is 9:37 pm and I am tired. I may just go to bed.............. I HATE THE DENTIST

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