Monday, 12 July 2010

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Well the tearful phone calls from the DD with marital issues are done . The other DD has her baby on Thursday this week by cesarian so no more trips to the emergency wit false labour. DGD's father is no longer here causing concerns that require a 911 call . Did you know that 911 got us 3 policemen, 3 firemen and 2 paramedics. Don't ask me if they were good looking . I was busy dealing with crying children and mopping up vomit.

Most of these events occurred within one week. Jill's car has died so she is borrowing mine when she needs one. Shelby went to her other Grandparents for 2 weeks with her half sister Jessica. Lorraine and I picked them up today at the Merrit turn off on the Coquhalla highway.
When I asked the girls what they did at Grandma's they said "fight". I think Pat was glad to send them home.

I am knitting socks for me and a buggy blanket for the new baby. I am also working on an applique block and a couple of quilts.
I have to get a couple of things done before I meet my Niece-to-be as she is going to take things to Ft St John for me.

I received the most wonderful parcel from LisaD. We were partners in a wee sock swap. Her parcel is much nicer than the one I sent her as she really tied everything to the Rapunzel theme. I will post photos later today.

Okay so I have updated this blog. I can't believe that May was the last time I wrote anything but life has been hectic and very emotional.

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