Sunday, 27 January 2013

I survived

Hard to believe but I did survive that trip to the Dentist.  I have had some very bad dental experiences in the past and some bad dentists but I actually like this dentist. I saw him again Friday as my mouth was still quite sore.  He said there was a slight infection but I didn't need antibiotics unless it got worse.  He recommended drinking and rinsing my mouth with camomile tea.  He said that it was a very good herb treatment, but he would write me a prescription for the antibiotics if I wanted it.  I was not to fill it unless the area started feeling like it was pulsating.  To shorten this story I came home buying camomile tea on the way.
 I go to the Dentist again this Friday.  Just a side note .......... His receptionist is a knitter.
On the knitting note I have finished my Simple Lines Shawl. I would post a photo of it here but I don't know how to do that with my IPad.

And talking about that .......... Coffee seems to be a hazard around here.  The other day Bill went to get up from his chair.............. OH have to tell you that he uses the top drawer in the side table as a flat space so it is always sticking out.   He also has one of those chairs that lifts up to assist you in standing.     Now he moves the TV table his computer sits on to the right ( same side as the coffee table) .............. Pushes the button to raise the chair ............... Tries to put his quilt to the right side but the drawer is in the way so he has to put the quilt on the drawer .............. This knocks over the lamp ............. The lamp falls forward hitting his coffee cup ( that he insists keeping on the TV table) ........
The coffee cup tips over dumping its contents all over his computer.  I grab the computer tipping it upside down to drain out the coffee. Bill is standing swearing at the lamp.......... Then I am busy telling him if he did as I told him and put the coffee on end table this wouldn't have happened.

Needless to say the computer couldn't be fixed so Jill found him another one on Craig's list.
It is newer and has way more memory so it may have been a blessing in disguise.   Tuesdays are seniors day at Value Village so we went and found this small computer table, on wheels , with two  shelves and a little round bit the pulls out the side where he puts his coffee.  It is 6 inches below the computer and I have the TV table as my little 3 legged table finally bit the dust.

While we were at VV I found two sweaters to recycle.  One is cashmere in a cream colour and the other is merino wool and angora in emerald green. The green one is all apart just need to skein the 2 balls Jill did.   Haven't decided what I will do with this yarn yet but think  I will put several strands of the cashmere together and make some fingerless gloves.  Dotty gave me some recycled cashmere in a green that DD2  loves so think I will make her something out of that yarn.

No Jill or kids the last two mornings and I am having withdrawal.  I am sure tomorrow they will be here so I will survive.  Well that's it for today.  Am going to frog sweaters or knit or spin or play silly games an my IPad.

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  1. Camomile is very good for you! I've used it on all kinds of skin problems & it's also soothing to your insides. Hooray for a Dentist that recommends something other than salt/water or tries to sell you special mouth 'rinses'. I have one of each. I like both my guys & was a white knuckle patient when I got them. Cheer up, the worst is over - I think the worst is when the freezing comes out & all the sticks hurt like hell . . . Hope to see you at knitting one of these days!!! Now that Bill's become such a sexy dawg, I'll have to take him out for coffee!!