Sunday, 10 May 2015

Boxes, boxes everywhere

. Yesterday Dottie and Cory came over to help me pack.  We did some in the kitchen and bathroom before we tackled the ROOM.  It now has some semblance of order and most of the books packed.  Cory and Dottie work like I used to, start in the morning and pack all day.  Now I am lucky if I last half a day.  They made me go sit down and rest the last half hour or more that they worked.  I really , really hate sitting while other people are working to help me.  I think it might be my age ..................
Anyway there are now 80 boxes packed and we are probably half way done.  I am going to try and pack a couple today before I go see Bill. Friday he was transferred to Holy Family Hospital for a week or two of rehab.
  I have been checking out various yarns shops either on my way to see Bill or on my way home. Have visited three shops I a hadn't seen before and had a little retail therapy at two of them.

The other day I ybought a couple of sweaters to recycle the yarn.  One was red as E wants a Red Riding Hood cape and the other was a green cotton.  I looked at the green one when I got home and liked the hood and the length so tried it on.  When I asked E what it looked like she said "it looks like grass"
I replied " yes it is green like the grass but what does it look like on me?"
Elizabeth "It looks good.............................. You look a little bit like the Incredible Hulk."
Needless to say I am frogging the sweater to re-knit into something that doesn't make me look like the Incredible Hulk.

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  1. I would wear the Green Thing to knitting & ask the grownups what they think before I frogged it. We might agree with E but maybe not.