Friday, 13 April 2007

Yesterday I finished the orange socks for Shelby (age 6). I had originally started to put some fun fibre on the cuff, but when I showed it to her she said "Well I could wear them at home". After that tactful remark I removed the fun fibre and just did plain ribbing. She tried the socks on yesterday and promptly took them off saying they were itchy. Now I have to find a child who likes ORANGE wool socks. Don't know what to make this child's socks out of as she liked the last wool pair. I think the overdying made the socks feel coarse. The wool was patterned left overs from other socks that I overdyed with orange kool-aid.


  1. You might try washing them in Soak. It softened my socks up nicely.

  2. Could try some hair conditioner to soften,also over-dye the socks to mute the color. Just a thought.