Tuesday, 3 April 2007

back to "normal"!

Well no Granddaughter to babysit after school this week. She spent the weekend with us and went home Sunday. I still have seamonkeys in the kitchen and pet snails in a jar in the living room. There is a small loom, a chair and table in the living room and odd things in odd spots I am sure.
I have 3 washcloths, 5 socks, 2 shawls, 1 bookmark and a purse handle on the needles. My sock and cotton yarn are in a rolling drawer unit in the kitchen and my craft room is still a mess. I told DH I was going to work on it today and he said "so you can find the floor other than by gravity". To think we have stayed married for over 37 years..........LOL. Have to go and take DD to an appointment.

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