Monday, 22 October 2007

Trying to quilt

Well we had a nice weekend on the Island visiting Bill's Mum and her boyfriend. We arrived Friday night and left Sunday after lunch. It RAINED the entire weekend and I didn't even get to go to the Loom, which is one of my favorite fibre shops. We did have a very nice visit though and really that is what is important.
Sharon phoned to tell me that Knitopia has sock yarn on sale..............WWWHHAHAA............... I have no money until the end of the month.
Today I was going quilting at "A Great Notion "with Jackie and Ellen. They drop me off and go for their pedacure appointments at 11:00. I have my lunch, figure Jackie and Ellen have gone for lunch as it is almost 1:00 and they are till not back. I am happily sewing when Bill phones to say he needs to pick me up to sign some papers. Jackie and Ellen arrive back at 12:55. The ladies in the shop tell them I have left, my DH came and picked me up. ( Hadn't really happened yet but they figured to give Jackie a bad time) Jackie says "She must have been really p'd at us." Then they come in the class room and there I am. I did tell them that I was leaving. DH didn't arrive until after 2:00....................I should have known................He can't go from A to B without a stop somewhere.
Anyway that was the end of my sewing day. Now I am home, time to make supper, do some spinning and a little knitting. Don't know whether I will work on my very colourful socks for me or the very large, very , very, very boring socks for my friend. He only wears neutral colours and I like 'in your face colours'. Maybe I will do a cable or something in the leg part of the sock as I am knitting them from the toe up.................... anything to make them less BORING.
I have 8 envelops containing siggy blocks to mail out so here is hoping they don't adhere to the inside of my purse and disappear for months.
Well I guess I should make some dinner ................. what to make!! what to make????? ............... this is always the difficult part of making meals.

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