Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Molly and I

Today I went to lunch and spent the afternoon with my friend Molly. She bought lunch as she said I bought last time. I don't remember that but have marked it in the calendar that next time I get to buy lunch. After lunch we went to the Dollar Giant and I bought stuff to make stitch markers, hair elastics and glue sticks .................. exciting ................ then we went to the Value village. Molly was looking for pants and I was just looking. I found 1 bag for sock knitting (.99) and 22 balls of bright pink wool crepe yarn ($14.00). Will post photos tomorrow. By the way there are rules for buying sock knitting bags: they must be see through and cost under $1.00. I have several and will try to post photos tomorrow. I just don't feel like doing it tonight. Molly bought two vests and one pair of pants so we had a successful day. Went back to my house for tea and then Molly went home about 6:30.
All in all it was a lovely day.

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