Monday, 19 November 2007


Well there is a contest at this site so go have a look.

Well what have I been doing. Last week I went knitting Wednesday and Thursday ........... my DD Jill says all her friends think I am crazy because I belong to a sock knitting group....... Now if that makes me crazy there is a whole lot of you out there who are crazy as well.........LOL.
I have finished a bookmark, the boring socks (thank goodness), a scarf, and an afghan square. Yesterday I found another UFO ; a green and white tank top. I have to finish DD , Cory's Christmas purse, Shelby's sweater for Christmas, socks for Bill, and a few more wash cloths.

I need to finish quilting three quilts and bind a table runner. I started a new project last Tuesday ..........I know, I know , I am supposed to be working on UFOs but this was a two day course to make a 'Twisted Bear Paw". I cut and pieced most of it on the Tuesday and then discovered that what I thought was 1/4 foot wasn't ......*(&(&$%^$?*# ............ so NOTHING and I mean NOTHING fit together. Last night I spent the evening reverse sewing and today I sewed about half of it back together again. Tomorrow morning I will do some more sewing before Molly and I go for lunch and shopping.
Oh yes last Friday I went quilting with the gals for the day ...........DH didn't even phone to say I need you to come home early like he has the last two times.

Tomorrow night is the 'Weavers and Spinners Guild meeting, Wednesday is 'Sock Knitting, 'Thursday I could go to Knitopia but don't think I will as I am supposed to quilt Friday with the gals, Saturday and Sunday a group of us have been invited to Jocelyn's to quilt for the weekend. I may just get all those quilts done after all.

P.S. There are no photos because I need new batteries for my camera. Bill says he is going to get me a charger but I think I may go get it myself as I need it now.

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