Wednesday, 14 May 2008

more police and its finished........

Well Monday the police were back in full force. Apparently 2 men climbed in the window of one of the apartment across the way, tied the woman up and robbed her. We had 6 police vehicles here , some were watching the exits but apparently the bad guys got away as the dog handler arrived and tried to track them down. Don't know if they were caught or not. The local papers come out today so will check them............ Now Jill is having a fit because I am often home alone . She want s us to get a security system . I did tell her I would keep the door locked when I am inside by myself.

Well that was Monday's excitement .......... Todays is I FINISHED MY MYSTIC LIGHT SHAWL.................. It is blocked and drying on the back porch. I am very pleased with it and with myself. Now I only have 3 more to finish and two to start or is it three to start?
I still have 2 pairs of socks on the go as well as the baby quilt to finish. Then there is the BACK ROOM .................aaarrrruugh. Will I ever get it finished. I walk in there, look around, turn around and walk out. I need to go back to the 15 minute rule ........... and yes I made that rule which is part of the problem because I change it at will ..............LOL......... do you suppose that is why I don't get it done??????????

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  1. Yeah, I can understand why Jill's upset, Ronn would give me the same lecture!! If you do get an alarm, get the one that lets you talk to them because you can holler if there's trouble . . . . and they install for free!! Maybe this is the start of summer entertainment . . .