Thursday, 4 June 2009


I haven't written for ages but it has been very busy around here. Honest it has just read on. Two of my Children had Birthday's in May, I still have to talk to my son as I haven't managed to wish him Happy Birthday ...................... brain dead ..................
phone the cell not the house!!!!!!!!!
I thought the lawn mower was stolen because it was GONE from the backyard where I keep it. I looked back there FOUR times just incase my eyes were seeing it but the brain wasn't connecting. NO LAWN MOWER.............. phone DH "SOME ONE STOLE MY LAWN MOWER." He only cares because I am upset. As far as he is concerned the grass doesn't bother him so why should he bother it. I like to mow the grass ( well most times I do) It brings back memories of my Grandfather on my Mother's side, Pop was what everyone called him. I don't know why ...................... I think I did know at one time but that information is filed away somewhere in my brain............ you know the scene at the end of the Indiana Jones movie where they store the box with the Ark of the Covenant in that humungeous warehouse never to be found again. Well that is kind of what my brain looks like. The information is in there just not sure which box. Any way back to the mower. DH is phoning around after checking out Craig's list and finds 2 possibilities. Saturday we are making arrangements to go pick up a lawn mower when DD Jill and friend Jamie arrive. Jamie laughingly says" I hear some one took the lawn mower?" "Yes" says I. he looks at me and tells me he has locked them in Bill's shop.....................hhhhhhhuuuuuuuummmmm ....................never noticed the lock on the door. Didn't think to look there as the last I knew the shop wasn't level enough to get the door open. FOUR TIMES I looked in the back yard and didn't notice the lock on the door. Mind you, in my defense I was looking closer to the ground for the mower. The lock is at eye level so who would look for a lawn mower up there.

Well now I have been working on the lawn but the back yard isn't all done BECAUSE THERE IS STUFF EVERYWHERE IN THE YARD. That man has three...... YES THREE ....... buildings to store STUFF in and it is all over the yard. When he bought the shop they had to move the garage ( made of 2X4's and tarp material ) off the drive to put the shop in close to the house.
I was away when they did all this so I come home and the Garage is beside my garden providing lots of shade .......... great.....
The STUFF from the garage is all over the yard, some is under a tarp and the rest is in Shelby's ply house .............OH OH TROUBLE COMING. Now DH is really in trouble. I tell him the garage has to go back where it was and yes there is room for it.
Shelby sees her play house full of stuff and starts giving me grief." Wait a minute this isn't my doing speak to your Grandfather." Shelby, hands on hips marching towards the house says" I am going to give him a piece of my mind".
Do you suppose your can do this too many times and after a while you have no more pieces left ????????

Well Jamie and Dwayne move the garage only the flat deck truck is in the drive so they fit the open end of the garage around the end of the truck. GREAT JUST GREAT. The garage is back where it belongs but there is only one minor problem. YOU CAN'T PUT ANYTHING IN IT BECAUSE THE TRUCK IS IN THE WAY AT ONE END AND THE OTHER END IS UP AGAINST BILL'S SHOP.
Apparently they can't move the truck until they fix the fence because they took a fence post out to get the shop in and now the truck is the only thing holding up the fence at that spot. Do you wonder that I am a little crazy.................

Let's see what happened next ? Oh yes 7 of us in the wee sock group on Ravelry had a "Spin-in in separate house together" only I went to Gail's so we were in the same house. We all chatted over the internet and Gail and I couldn't always remember whose page we were on so we sort of morphed together and they never knew whether It was Gail on my page or Gail on Gail's page or me on my page etc. We all had finger food for lunch and actually did some spinning. I am spinning some silk/merino roving mmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuummmmm it is yummy stuff in blues and green.

All the sweaters I have to re-cycle the yarn are taken apart and unravelled or are ready to unravel. I have some unravellers that help me out but I try to do the really fine lace weight myself.

I have finished 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, Cory's twisted wrap , the secret MMario shawl ( I gave this to DH's Mum for her (0th Birthday), The second sock of "They are nice Grandma but I wouldn't wear them " is more than half done and I have the yarn ready for a felted bag KAL that starts the middle of the month.
I caught up one all my siggy blocks, DJ blocks went out to two friends and I am almost finished the second of four test blocks.
I need to finish the sample shawl and then do the one for my DS Janice. After that I am going to do one for me that Gail gave me the Noro yarn to make it.
Last week I did some work for a friend of Jill's who does market surveys and on the weekend we went to the Island to see Bill's family as Mum and Frank are moving into a suite in a care facility as Mum need more help than Frank can give. They are both 90 so I guess the move isn't unreasonable but it is sad. They get all their meals provided .......... maybe I will move in. Bill and i will be married 40 years this December and I was thinking the other day how tired I am of making meals. Its not so much the making as figuring out what to make. Let's see 40 years, figure I made at least 5 dinners a week ( Bill can cook and we did go out the odd time so I figure 5 is probably close), times 52 weeks times 40 years equals 10,400 dinners. No wonder I am tired of making dinner.
Back to the weekend ................. we had a great time with his family. We visited, played dominos, ate good food and drank wine. A good time was had by all. Then we loaded the truck to come home and I mean loaded. We came home with Christmas presents, Wedding presents, 12 framed pictures, an oak table made by DH's Grandfather in England, two teak packing boxes, a set of Shakespeare (38 volumes), a Tea set, the footstool we had made Mum and Dad for their 50th , binoculars, Dad's papers from the war and some other stuff. Now I only need to figure out where to put it. Cory and Aaron will take a lot of it because all the wedding presents are for them and so are the two big bags of linen.

Monday was unload the truck and then relax. Tuesday I didn't do much, Wednesday put things away, knitting in the pool hall last night. Tonight I may go to Knitopia but I am not sure yet.

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  1. I did not need to know how many suppers were made in your 40 years of marriage... no wonder i hate thinking of what to make...ours will be 42 in Feb... ugh.... hugs sheila