Friday, 27 November 2009

PHOTOS at last

Well today DH and I looked for the plug-in-thingy to download photos from my camera. I just knew is lost forever in his truck ..................... maybe it is hiding with the instruction manual for the fax machine, because he took that to the truck as well. Now he can't get the fax machine to work as he doesn't know how to program it or the phone....................
I think it is time he cleaned out the truck.
Anyway I went to London Drugs and for $20.00 I got this little thing that you put the memory card in and it downloads the photos to the computer so here are some photos.

This is Leda and

this is how she feels about Charlie!!!!

This is my parcel from Bauschkebear in the wee tiny sock swap.

This is the felted bag "My Constant Companion" by Janet Scanlon. I made it with DK yarn and smaller needles.


  1. What a cute puppy!!!! He looks just like our first one.

  2. Karen.......Charlie is so cute, am patiently waiting to meet him in person. :) ..... and Leda, well Leda is Leda, she might just make up HER mind that Charlie is there to stay! LOL
    Lovely new bag. The colours are beautiful.